How Dark Souls Perfected Difficulty in Video Games

What have I been missing all these years...?

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  1. CircleToonsHD

    CircleToonsHDPrije 7 mjeseci

    OH AND BTW! This video doesn't include anything about Demon Souls, mostly because I still haven't been able to get a PS5 and I'm assuming I have to perform a dark ritual to even play one, so it didn't feel right talking about it. I'm sure the new Demon Souls fits my feelings towards the entire genre, but I figured I'd explain why I never mentioned it. MAN DO I WANNA PLAY DEMON SOULS THO :'(

  2. Mew 304

    Mew 304Prije 9 dana

    Can I have a Skyrim?

  3. Marshalino Mato

    Marshalino MatoPrije 9 dana

    Why did the great wood say "f**k you" I'm also stuck on the iron golem boss he keeps killing me with his axe

  4. Christian Joyner

    Christian JoynerPrije 12 dana

    I got the song you where singing

  5. Ass Mcgee72

    Ass Mcgee72Prije 14 dana

    When I first played dark souls on the PS3 before I got the remastered version on PS4 it would up against the Taurus demon man he kicked my ass at least 20 times in a f****** row before I figured out how to hail you beat them you know bye basically climbing the tower to jump and stab and jump and stab

  6. Aiden Allen

    Aiden AllenPrije 28 dana

    So is bloodborne cuz the healing

  7. Max fucking Payne

    Max fucking PaynePrije 5 sati

    I agree with your video except for one point: Dark Souls does ABSOLUTELY rely on artificial difficulty ie plain tanky enemies (Midir for instance) not to mention that fact that almost anything can one shot you. I feel like if enemies didn't do a bullshit amount of damage then the game would be significantly easier, hence the game having artificial difficulty. Not all the time but it's definitely rooted in the design.

  8. patrick morrey

    patrick morreyPrije 5 sati

    I recently got dark souls 1 and I feel like my favorite part is the fact that you aren't anything special mechanics-wise. Anything you can do, the enemies can do, usually better. So when you beat even a basic enemy, It's your skill that gets you through.

  9. KaizDoodle

    KaizDoodlePrije 14 sati

    Yeah but no matter the weapon or armor you die to the enemy from the first level

  10. Lachlan McCormick

    Lachlan McCormickPrije 16 sati

    If y'all want some different games that evoke this "small fish"/"I wanna get to the next area/weapon/interesting thing" sorta feeling might I offer some suggestions: *Rain World:* 2D bottom of the food chain sim, look up a movement/controls guide after you've played for an hour or three cause the game's one big flaw is its tutorial, but other than that I recommend a blind playthrough. *Exanima:* Physics-based dungeon crawler, you have to be open to learning a different way to control your character than usual, but stick with it, I assure you the feeling of mastery is worth it. (Still in early access tho so keep that in mind if you wanna wait...) *Hyper Light Drifter:* I hesitated to add this one but my god, the world is beautiful, the enemies varied, and there are just enough weapons to keep you interested. It's a more chill/shorter experience than the other two, just don't try to find _all_ the secrets on your own... Trust me... I couldn't find them all.

  11. The Path of Eudaimonia (Optimize Coach)

    The Path of Eudaimonia (Optimize Coach)Prije 21 sat

    The Dark Souls series has perfected the gaming flowstate experience.

  12. yes

    yesPrije 23 sati


  13. Fabula Chimeric

    Fabula ChimericPrije dan

    See ya in elden ring!!!

  14. Fallen Epoch

    Fallen EpochPrije dan

    Mf became the seasoned veteran

  15. Clifford Gillespie

    Clifford GillespiePrije dan

    Try Bloodborne

  16. Dalek 446

    Dalek 446Prije dan

    I require the sauce for the end music

  17. Narrow

    NarrowPrije 2 dana

    Every game is a soul like game for me since I suck and am the most stubborn human on this planet.

  18. Izzykgamer

    IzzykgamerPrije 3 dana

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made a mod where your character is a dog and called it Bark souls

  19. Some Random Lizard

    Some Random LizardPrije 3 dana

    Maybe its just because of me, but i never found dark souls that hard. I think people find it hard because every other game out there is easy. Sekiro on the other hand... well... i cant parry for shit.

  20. Gabriel Silveira

    Gabriel SilveiraPrije 3 dana

    I watched this video before and after playing dark souls. Now I really understand

  21. Bhagat Lal Tudu

    Bhagat Lal TuduPrije 3 dana

    Those 8-bit nes games were addictive and hard......I had like memorized every bits to finish them

  22. Chinmoy Biswas

    Chinmoy BiswasPrije 3 dana


  23. sosos man the sos creature

    sosos man the sos creaturePrije 3 dana

    Now play hollow Knight (It will start out slow tho) (And it's the dark souls of side scroller)

  24. 9911rey

    9911reyPrije 4 dana

    You want skyrim's? I got 20

  25. Leon Spade

    Leon SpadePrije 4 dana

    Shhhh,don't tell him about Nioh...keep him innocent

  26. Tōsu

    TōsuPrije 4 dana

    What is that sound from in 1:10?

  27. Big Potato

    Big PotatoPrije dan

    Sanctuary guardian theme

  28. Brensnid

    BrensnidPrije 5 dana

    Fuck dark souls 3. I literally have nightmares from that first boss.

  29. Pengxiang Wang

    Pengxiang WangPrije 5 dana

    Still not as hard as S-ranking jsab mortal combat with no dashing

  30. Comic Sans

    Comic SansPrije 5 dana

    Sadly I can't play dark souls 😭

  31. Editor Hunter

    Editor HunterPrije 5 dana

    What app do you use

  32. Malik Tyler

    Malik TylerPrije 5 dana

    “Have an 8 year old call you an ugly bitch” replace that with the n word and you’re spot on

  33. nani

    naniPrije 5 dana

    whats sekro… do you mean sekiro se-kir-ro

  34. neon

    neonPrije 5 dana

    5:00 i hate this fucking thing kept poisining me

  35. ME LJ

    ME LJPrije 5 dana

    Effort in this one video?? Thats unusual

  36. Dylan Blevins

    Dylan BlevinsPrije 6 dana

    This is why FPS fans love the OG halos on legendary


    DINOMAN THE GODPrije 6 dana

    My brother platinumed dark souls 3

  38. Mega Bonker

    Mega BonkerPrije 6 dana

    How to win Dark Souls: Simple, Just 'Focuse'

  39. LoB

    LoBPrije 6 dana

    Play geometry dash

  40. [HUE]GamER_WIN

    [HUE]GamER_WINPrije 7 dana

    I just started darks souls 3 a few days ago. And god damn i love it. I always new i would love it, because i like challenging games. This game knows how to be hard but rewarding even if you DON‘t succeeded.

  41. Conjunto de Roupas

    Conjunto de RoupasPrije 7 dana

    This animation... Goddamn.

  42. KaijuRhino

    KaijuRhinoPrije 7 dana

    Nothing beats the feeling of finally beating a boss after hours of trying and resting at a bonfire knowing you’ve won.

  43. amogusfan#1

    amogusfan#1Prije 7 dana

    I recently bought Dark souls 1, barely played it so far but I love it. After playing it, I cannot force myself to play anything else, every other game feels too easy, I literally cant play some of my favourite games anymore.

  44. SatisfiedShark

    SatisfiedSharkPrije 8 dana

    2 weeks of my life was getting my ass handed to me by Ornstein and Smough

  45. Rex bryte

    Rex brytePrije 8 dana


  46. Troll King

    Troll KingPrije 8 dana

    I doubt circle will see this, and probably already knows this. But to those that don’t, the artistic choice to make this Dark Souls world we love difficult and depressing is a choice by design, taken from the world setting of the IP that spawned Dark Souls, that inspired Dark Souls. And that is Berserk. Rip Miura. If you want to thank someone for your eye opening experience friend, thank him. Without him, we wouldn’t have this legend of a game.

  47. Nameless King

    Nameless KingPrije 8 dana

    the only exception to the dark souls rule is yhorm

  48. thomas guay

    thomas guayPrije 9 dana

    have you heard about celeste? *10 moments before disaster*

  49. Mr quacks a lot

    Mr quacks a lotPrije 9 dana

    I just played dark souls 3 and didn’t even beat the first boss

  50. Marshalino Mato

    Marshalino MatoPrije 9 dana

    I love how the great rootedwood says "f**k you"

  51. harry vrentas

    harry vrentasPrije 9 dana

    3:34 or you summoned three phantoms, got spanked by a couple invaders and then went on reddit to bitch about how invasions are stupid

  52. Gabriel Audet

    Gabriel AudetPrije 9 dana

    "you want skyrims? Ive got 20!" Holy shit im actually crying

  53. Speed Wagooon

    Speed WagooonPrije 10 dana

    That feeling of beating a boss tho, my heart starts beating so quick that it hurts

  54. RyuHardGore

    RyuHardGorePrije 10 dana

    I went from dying with the dogs to finishing the game naked

  55. DinoVs Cats

    DinoVs CatsPrije 10 dana

    No one: Dark souls: 2:50

  56. Andrew Thornton

    Andrew ThorntonPrije 12 dana

    3:58 if you want to feel more of it play doom eternal, on nightmare.

  57. Andrew Thornton

    Andrew ThorntonPrije 9 dana

    @Bob the sponge yeah, so nightmare is the most like dark souls.

  58. Bob the sponge

    Bob the spongePrije 10 dana

    @Andrew Thornton but if you die your game is over you start from the beginning

  59. Andrew Thornton

    Andrew ThorntonPrije 10 dana

    @Bob the sponge their the same thing.

  60. Bob the sponge

    Bob the spongePrije 11 dana

    No Ultra nightmare

  61. Andrew Thornton

    Andrew ThorntonPrije 12 dana

    2:11 the only thing that makes doom more difficult is the fact that higher difficulty means higher damage from enemys. Making it the best of both worlds, if your bad you'll do poorly on any difficulty, bjt if your pretty good at it you'll be challenged by something higher then the difficulty you do well on.. That's the only difference in gameplay, enemys do more damage on nightmare then on ultraviolence, and the only difference between nightmare and ultranightmare is death is permanent.

  62. Andrew Thornton

    Andrew ThorntonPrije 12 dana

    They play it because it's like Doom eternal on nightmare, it's as hard as punching a tank to the point that it stops working, but the happiness success gives you makes it do worth it.

  63. Doot

    DootPrije 12 dana

    Now I'm scared to actually try dark souls because I won't have as much fun with other games

  64. Vytlo

    VytloPrije 12 dana

    This title is so clickbait-y, lol

  65. Mostly ForYT

    Mostly ForYTPrije 12 dana

    Yeah I played it, I didn't understand the point still

  66. Alonzo Smith

    Alonzo SmithPrije 12 dana

    If you need a nother game like dark souls i would recommend monster hunter

  67. Umar Ahmed

    Umar AhmedPrije 12 dana

    Bloodborne is my personal fav

  68. Alex Tioutiou

    Alex TioutiouPrije 13 dana

    3:02 Then why the f is he healing

  69. Wolf Melon

    Wolf MelonPrije 13 dana

    Intend your puns weakling

  70. yoshikage kira

    yoshikage kiraPrije 14 dana

    He says he has fighters glore but most fighting games can to some extent scratch that dark souls itch

  71. thetalentlessrager

    thetalentlessragerPrije 15 dana

    I like your new animation

  72. Blob Blub

    Blob BlubPrije 15 dana

    The song he's singing around 4:00 what's the original again? I have the melody stuck in my head but can't figure it out

  73. Bowen Judd

    Bowen JuddPrije 15 dana

    Recommendation for a hard game. Starcraft, but your playing ranked.

  74. Benjy platt

    Benjy plattPrije 15 dana

    Lmao I’d love to see u do a blind terraria play thru and just get fucked ( to clarify not cause it’s insanely hard cause of how complex the progression is to learn)

  75. Crooked

    CrookedPrije 16 dana

    When people talk about how "souls games should have an easy mode" it's so annoying. They don't understand the reason it's difficult. The games are all incredibly fair, you just need to learn. They aren't hard games really they're just different from everything else. There's not much rng that can screw you, 80% of the time if you die that is your fault and you must learn from the mistakes you make. And that's from just a gameplay perspective. If the games had and easy mode it would make no sense with the story it's trying to tell you. The narrative is telling you about how dark and decaying the world around you is, it's telling you how death in inevitable and that everything is in the shitter. If you have a story like that and then the gameplay is a walk in the park it completely throws you off and doesn't make much sense. These people need a real lesson in ludonarrative dissonance.

  76. addicted

    addictedPrije 14 dana


  77. diabloreapergaming

    diabloreapergamingPrije 16 dana

    I love the soulsborne series it makes you get a sense of dread but once you overcome obstacles it makes you feel proud that you didn't give up oh and watch out for phantom hit boxes in dark souls 2

  78. diabloreapergaming

    diabloreapergamingPrije 16 dana

    Oh just wait till you try dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin and the hell that is that game it's says screw the player more than any of the other games

  79. f a t h e r

    f a t h e rPrije 16 dana

    Fun fact: some of bloodborne and dark souls weapons and enemies are inspired by beserk

  80. TheInator1234

    TheInator1234Prije 16 dana

    Hollow Knight will scratch ur dark souls itch if u have it, ur welcome

  81. teh gaming dude

    teh gaming dudePrije 16 dana

    "perpetually stuck on fuck you" was the best part

  82. M-eeko

    M-eekoPrije 16 dana

    🎶do you want a skyrim🎶 well i got 20 made me laugh so hard

  83. Luke Spooner

    Luke SpoonerPrije 16 dana

    I have few words but God of war difficulty sigrun

  84. Luka Lego

    Luka LegoPrije 17 dana

    Hey Circle if you like DarkSouls I highly recommend Hollow Knight I raged so hard on that side-scrolling masterpiece.

  85. Jiminy In my Jamy’s

    Jiminy In my Jamy’sPrije 17 dana

    I hate how this doesn’t have more views. Such a well put together and articulated video about why so many of us love dark souls. Also was that markiplier as the doctor?

  86. mindbacon

    mindbaconPrije 17 dana

    0:25 my off brand walmart controller ended up being better than my $80 controller, so I still use it while my $80 controller sits on my shelf ;-;

  87. The Clorox Man

    The Clorox ManPrije 17 dana


  88. Shadebinder

    ShadebinderPrije 18 dana

    Ha you think your late. I played Sekiro in 2020 and now I'm currently finishing up DS Remastered

  89. Man Mug

    Man MugPrije 18 dana

    Play hollow night this is the dark souls of megalovania

  90. Cameron Tipton

    Cameron TiptonPrije 18 dana

    And some people can play without even getting hit. As the player drinks a health potions

  91. Caleb Granados

    Caleb GranadosPrije 18 dana

    Have you played SubNautica

  92. Mr.pOprocks_2007

    Mr.pOprocks_2007Prije 18 dana

    try cuphead

  93. chill roblox man

    chill roblox manPrije 18 dana

    the way he ended off the way he started the video (the "you really have to try it" bit) is kinda funny

  94. Jrazz

    JrazzPrije 18 dana

    The boss fights aren’t the hard part the normal fights are insane

  95. vGustaf

    vGustafPrije 18 dana

    did you play dark souls 1 or dark souls remastered?

  96. Aiden Young

    Aiden YoungPrije 19 dana

    I think uncharted is pretty good at it to

  97. Starnova

    StarnovaPrije 19 dana

    Cuphead is like the Dark Souls of Cuphead

  98. The Friendship Tunnel

    The Friendship TunnelPrije 19 dana

    I somehow beat dark souls 3 twice with the starting weapon and both dlcs

  99. Rage

    RagePrije 19 dana

    Hey if you clicked on this video because you like dark souls and are searching for a way to get rid of that "dark souls itch" like I am then get your hands on remnant from the ashes cause man that does one hell of a job replicating that feeling you get from dark souls with a shooter twist to it


    DARKEST TOWERPrije 20 dana

    Dark souls is great

  101. notus

    notusPrije 20 dana

    "You want Skyrims? I've got 20" lmao

  102. PhantomSoul

    PhantomSoulPrije 20 dana

    I just tried Dark Souls 3 and just quit after the stupid samurai like first strong enemy. Its like getting smashed 20 times with nukes in the face while you dont even have enough stamina to block or parry even 3 of the blows. Its ridiculous, i cant enjoy that. I just suck at it. The first boss was extremely easy. Sure, i died once but the second time i just nuked it with blows until i got the victory message. How comes a stupid normal mob is stronger than this boss xD

  103. Selever

    SeleverPrije 21 dan

    I tried on my friends pc and gave up on the first boss

  104. Bowen Ryther

    Bowen RytherPrije 21 dan

    I dare you to play shantae and the Seven sirens

  105. OCTO HAM

    OCTO HAMPrije 22 dana

    Yo does anyone knows what the end credit song is called it’s such a bop

  106. Hugo Seer

    Hugo SeerPrije 22 dana

    go play realm of the mad god . nothing fu**s you up more than losing 50h of gameplay making a character and then dieing do the strongest boss in the game

  107. Nixafye

    NixafyePrije 22 dana

    greatest video i’ve ever watched

  108. PMDmakesmecri

    PMDmakesmecriPrije 22 dana

    The only other game that really has gotten me feeling like this is Geometry Dash. Maybe Rhythm Heaven, but Perfects are just you can't miss, so it shouldn't count.

  109. gaminninja

    gaminninjaPrije 22 dana

    Note that he's not showing dark souls 2

  110. SneakingCian

    SneakingCianPrije 22 dana

    I completely forgot you posted videos over 2 mins long

  111. Saint_ hijri

    Saint_ hijriPrije 22 dana

    5:00 I hate those fuckin things so muck