How Random Items in Roguelike Games Work


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  1. CircleToonsHD

    CircleToonsHDPrije 2 mjeseci

    YES this video was inspired by Hades and Returnal... YES those games are amazing... YES they make me MAD


    TZEECH GOD OF CHANGEPrije 5 dana

    But not dead cells

  3. Elliot Silva

    Elliot SilvaPrije 20 dana

    @Dax Ennenbach based

  4. A n d y S

    A n d y SPrije mjesec

    Chaos person making me sacrifice 20+ hp just so I can get in. Well guess what, I got the cosmic egg so I don’t have to waste any HP. Oh wait, the stuff he gives me is shit.

  5. ドラコヤント ωee多😏

    ドラコヤント ωee多😏Prije mjesec

    How about you try up muck

  6. Prism

    PrismPrije mjesec

    Poor soul

  7. Vexzion

    VexzionPrije dan

    and i love them

  8. FadleLight

    FadleLightPrije 5 dana

    how to solve the RNG problem: *Hold R*

  9. Ice 487

    Ice 487Prije 7 dana

    You forgot how tomato soup gives you mega stat boosts in defense and agility.

  10. Eventide Agent M

    Eventide Agent MPrije 7 dana

    Funny how rng bends to me, I can get rare items and drops faster than anyone

  11. Donovan Mahan

    Donovan MahanPrije 11 dana

    "I will become back my money"

  12. Da Dmitri

    Da DmitriPrije 11 dana

    Risk of rain is like: here's a health gate so you don't get instakilled. you just die very very fast (but not instantly!)

  13. dsgasfda asfasdfadsf

    dsgasfda asfasdfadsfPrije 12 dana

    Ha like the binding of isaac have a good run and you get the worst item

  14. Isaiah Carter

    Isaiah CarterPrije 12 dana

    0:36 got hit with the bad succ

  15. Frost

    FrostPrije 12 dana

    Words could not describe the all encompassing rage i felt when i got a rare item with the worst possible prefix.

  16. MilkyMint

    MilkyMintPrije 14 dana

    I had a Risk of Rain 2 run where I had a Tesla Coil, the ooze pot boss's life leech aoe, and infinite spawn healing pods on my enginneer so standing in my general personal space was basically tempting the might of Zeus, but then a corrupted jellyfish and a fire golem spawned right behind me so i took like 4k true damage

  17. Lightmagician60

    Lightmagician60Prije 15 dana

    Rouge-likes in a nutshell your choices don't matter and even when they do, they still don't

  18. Ivan Miller

    Ivan MillerPrije 15 dana

    You open a wooden chest in Enter The Gungeon It gives a OK gun *but it also gives you a key back, so you basically got a free gun*

  19. YehudiNimol

    YehudiNimolPrije 17 dana

    Tfw everyone spams Binding of Isaac jokes in the comment section but you don't get most of them because you haven't bought the DLCs yet

  20. Chet Manly

    Chet ManlyPrije 17 dana

    noita is that you

  21. Cason Gray

    Cason GrayPrije 17 dana

    Watch the bucket eel at half speed. You will regret it

  22. Mallchad

    MallchadPrije 18 dana

    "This is the run."

  23. Roxanna Romero

    Roxanna RomeroPrije 21 dan

    Hot diggitey du uh hehe- *D O O R*

  24. birraturca

    birraturcaPrije 21 dan

    1:20 Spelunky be like

  25. your too late

    your too latePrije 22 dana

    1:08 funny eal animation for you frens :)

  26. Yolanda Gonzalez

    Yolanda GonzalezPrije 23 dana


  27. Yolanda Gonzalez

    Yolanda GonzalezPrije 23 dana

    59 69

  28. Dark Latex pup

    Dark Latex pupPrije 23 dana

    1:20 this is me in neon abyss, i like neon abyss because it combines the half hp of alot of games + the "mask" and "lifeblood" of hollow knight, and over all, its one of my favorites

  29. Freemindstuff

    FreemindstuffPrije 23 dana

    The first guy wins run because he was more careful after getting his health sucked dry

  30. Dj Spidy

    Dj SpidyPrije 23 dana

    I 59% battery will watching

  31. 1Thunderfire

    1ThunderfirePrije 24 dana

    My Roguelike experience: "Oh thank God, just one more room before I reach the boss." *Gets jumped by the Collector.* There are people who will understand this.

  32. BillCypher 1388

    BillCypher 1388Prije 24 dana

    1:07 smooth

  33. Cody Allen

    Cody AllenPrije 24 dana

    What are "roguelike" games?

  34. YehudiNimol

    YehudiNimolPrije 17 dana

    Games where every level is randomly generated and your character dies a permanent death

  35. Kaiser Rat

    Kaiser RatPrije 24 dana

    I wanna make my own roguelike but like. Idk how

  36. Flavinho gameplay

    Flavinho gameplayPrije 25 dana


  37. Gman 9527

    Gman 9527Prije 25 dana

    What it’s like using the dark sigil in ds3

  38. Cooldude Shaner

    Cooldude ShanerPrije 25 dana

    Muck be like

  39. John Jones

    John JonesPrije 26 dana

    Who here has played dead cells?

  40. Questions Yet

    Questions YetPrije 27 dana

    1:27 The binding of Isaac: laughing

  41. hello hello

    hello helloPrije mjesec

    spelunky intensifies

  42. DuM ChAnEl

    DuM ChAnElPrije mjesec

    "Hot Diggity Door" is the most "I need a pun on the spot" sounding pun I've ever heard and it was great

  43. sainsburyshopper

    sainsburyshopperPrije mjesec

    It’s all smooth sailing to the final boss until RNGesus decides he doesn’t like you anymore.

  44. J

    JPrije mjesec

    Neon abyss?

  45. m0nky

    m0nkyPrije mjesec

    mu c k

  46. Bay Soup

    Bay SoupPrije mjesec

    I unironically want to see a game with every joke Circle has made in it as mechanics.

  47. Sin Does Stuff

    Sin Does StuffPrije mjesec

    I played my first rogue like game the other day, and it took me 6 runs to complete the game in full.

  48. YEETBOI420

    YEETBOI420Prije mjesec

    Ah yes reminds of the binding of isaac

  49. PSI Penguin

    PSI PenguinPrije mjesec

    i wonder if anyone here knows about NetHack...

  50. Yukiteru Amano

    Yukiteru AmanoPrije mjesec


  51. Crit or Miss

    Crit or MissPrije mjesec

    Really disappointed in you for not taking the chance to say "Time is convoluted." The bucket eels would have said it.

  52. Schrödinger

    SchrödingerPrije mjesec

    I wish I had a Bucket Eel.

  53. Cutest Demon

    Cutest DemonPrije mjesec

    Not to mention, when the boss somehow has a giant attack that shoots out 500 bullets, lagging the game and when everything resumes, you're dead

  54. GamerViking

    GamerVikingPrije mjesec

    Why you calling out us isaac and gungeon players lol

  55. CrafterMax HD

    CrafterMax HDPrije mjesec

    Hot diggity... door.

  56. Jayden White

    Jayden WhitePrije mjesec

    The Mineflayer is always my run ender. Doesn't matter the items, I always have a problem with it.

  57. Jayden White

    Jayden WhitePrije mjesec

    Laughs in Maggy with full health in a sacrifice room. Teleport me straight to Satan, baby!

  58. Jayden White

    Jayden WhitePrije mjesec

    Salty: But was it Campbell's C H U N K Y ! ?

  59. mothman

    mothmanPrije mjesec

    Mmm t0m3too

  60. Dante Inpuro

    Dante InpuroPrije mjesec

    This is basically Isaac or gungeon in a nutshell, and maybe dead cells

  61. gof dog

    gof dogPrije mjesec

    You could skip it to get an Angel room

  62. Chappie

    ChappiePrije mjesec

    A curated experience will make you feel powerful by overcoming challenges based on your knowledge of the game. Roguelites/likes will make you remember the one time nothing could even touch you, and make you yearn for such a run to happen again.

  63. Andrew S. Productions

    Andrew S. ProductionsPrije mjesec

    Hold up, that last sax solo was FIRE! What's it from?

  64. Whoinventedlag

    WhoinventedlagPrije mjesec

    We Just Gotta (Get Together) - Wanda Shakes

  65. SlyLlamaDemon

    SlyLlamaDemonPrije mjesec

    Yeah, there was this game called soul calibre, and there is a lot of guns and melee weapons in there, and there’s this sniper rifle called the soul caliber, and basically it can fell most of the bosses in the game in one or two shots.

  66. monke e

    monke ePrije mjesec

    another ending : reach the end game, became powerful and then what ? press x to suicide

  67. Amongus

    AmongusPrije mjesec

    "59 funny number"

  68. Rayyan Ali Khan

    Rayyan Ali KhanPrije mjesec

    The number should have been 76

  69. Gio Morrison

    Gio MorrisonPrije mjesec

    This video reminds me so much of Returnal!

  70. Herman Cillo

    Herman CilloPrije mjesec

    Sword Of The Stars: The Pit was rife with this. But the worst part was the fact that when you got your success rate up to 99%, a glitch in the random number generator would make you fail far more often than if you had a 98% chance of success.

  71. JamesG 23

    JamesG 23Prije mjesec


  72. Unown Navi

    Unown NaviPrije mjesec

    The ending internally hurt me

  73. Jack The Lucario

    Jack The LucarioPrije mjesec

    I get a weird mobile game ad before this video, ant then the video itself plays out like a weird mobile game ad. Life imitates art?

  74. Reee Tawd

    Reee TawdPrije mjesec

    Roge likes are fucking bull shit. Binding of Issac would be such a good game if you could shoot in more then just 4 directions... WHY DOES MY CHARACTER ONLY SHOOT IN 4 DIRECTIONS!! Why do I never EVER!!! Get any of the items I see people get in their runs WHATS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!

  75. VulpineKitsune

    VulpineKitsunePrije mjesec


  76. Foxy the bot

    Foxy the botPrije mjesec


  77. Nathaniel Foga

    Nathaniel FogaPrije mjesec

    After Playing Returnal for a bit I relate to this far too much .


    TURRETSPrije mjesec

    his name dsfhugsytFDG

  79. Kevin Vu

    Kevin VuPrije mjesec

    Somone has been playing dead cells it seems

  80. The Irish Crusader

    The Irish CrusaderPrije mjesec

    59 lightening maqueen

  81. Spab Family

    Spab FamilyPrije mjesec


  82. gunraptor

    gunraptorPrije mjesec

    Someone's been playing Risk of Rain 2, it seems.....

  83. Spencer's Antics

    Spencer's AnticsPrije mjesec


  84. Goldie

    GoldiePrije mjesec

    This is what Going Under's Imposter mode felt like

  85. TheBestPyro2505

    TheBestPyro2505Prije mjesec

    This is why I play Risk Of Rain 2 where nothing can hurt me because I'm stacking steak, infusion and perma invisible in the corner because I'm playing bandit, I win

  86. TheBestPyro2505

    TheBestPyro2505Prije mjesec

    @Jacob Gutierrez Facts! Once I stacked bandolier on Bandit with Desperado... Man, pumping out 1000+ damage constantly gives a dopamine rush like nothing else, I'll tell ya

  87. Jacob Gutierrez

    Jacob GutierrezPrije mjesec

    @TheBestPyro2505 Respectable. Honestly, doing stupid things because it's funny is half the fun of both RoRs. I once stacked exclusively Soldier's Syringes on Huntress and had a basically constant stream of arrows.

  88. TheBestPyro2505

    TheBestPyro2505Prije mjesec

    @Jacob Gutierrez For literally only one reason: It’s funny

  89. Jacob Gutierrez

    Jacob GutierrezPrije mjesec

    >steak Of all healing items, why that? Leeching Seed or Medkit are so much better.

  90. PlayedTooMuch

    PlayedTooMuchPrije mjesec

    play spelunky it's like this but all the items are set and also it's pain

  91. Monkey Does Pride

    Monkey Does PridePrije mjesec

    Ah yes Noita in a nutshell

  92. The Discount Rhythm Gamer

    The Discount Rhythm GamerPrije mjesec

    The binding of Isaac in a nutshell

  93. AzaniDX- At 9001 IQ

    AzaniDX- At 9001 IQPrije mjesec

    *failing neon abyss Ares rooms be like*

  94. stuff and siblings

    stuff and siblingsPrije mjesec

    Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

  95. Mittens FastPaw

    Mittens FastPawPrije mjesec

    And this is why I don’t play them. I don’t need a game to hate myself more.

  96. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisementPrije mjesec

    Bucket eel is a bro.

  97. Chickenwing Handlover

    Chickenwing HandloverPrije mjesec

    *the binding of isaac intensifies*

  98. Nuya

    NuyaPrije mjesec

    To my unrelated opinion I think is better than anyone agree?

  99. A Blosch

    A BloschPrije mjesec

    One Step From Eden and their Darkness Shops come to mind.

  100. reaper sans

    reaper sansPrije mjesec

    The bucket eel made him buff in 0.1 seconds

  101. Irvine Spiegel

    Irvine SpiegelPrije mjesec

    I thought for sure the bucket eel was gonna cleave him in half

  102. Mr awesome

    Mr awesomePrije mjesec


  103. Blue Beetle

    Blue BeetlePrije mjesec

    Fuck I can’t remember what that music is at the end. Someone help please?

  104. who really am i?

    who really am i?Prije mjesec

    what is the name of the song in the end?

  105. tree

    treePrije 2 mjeseci

    RoR2: amateur, have 87 chronobobbles

  106. Captain Wobbs

    Captain WobbsPrije 2 mjeseci

    Why not try the Dice Shrine? You could lose all your health! Become cursed! Lose your only weapon! Earn 20 coins! Who KNOWS what could happen? It’ll PROBABLY be worth it, right?

  107. Tweek Tweak

    Tweek TweakPrije 2 mjeseci

    I dont want to be that Guy, but *roguelites*

  108. Lil timmy with a gun

    Lil timmy with a gunPrije 2 mjeseci

    *the glass cannon in enter the gungeon be like*

  109. Mush room

    Mush roomPrije 2 mjeseci

    getting something early game that would fit for an endgame build and later on getting a thing that gives you +5 and + 3 defense when you dont need it

  110. Rock Chanel

    Rock ChanelPrije 2 mjeseci

    this is just the binding of isaac in a nutshell

  111. Ivailo Stoychev

    Ivailo StoychevPrije 2 mjeseci

    Meanwhile: -Plays Synthetik -Finds a blood donation station -Somehow manage to dodge the blood withdrawl -Get moneys -Go to weapon shop -Buy a goddamn light machine gun that somehow becomes more accurate the longer you hold left click -Account doesn't get charged -Die because the terror level increased exponentially in that period alone and lose everything -Rinse and repeat