Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather in a Nutshell

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  1. CircleToonsHD

    CircleToonsHDPrije mjesec

    YO! I just started streaming on TWITCH and the support was absolutely insane! We now have new emotes, channel points and more! Stop by and hang out

  2. 5q1d

    5q1dPrije mjesec

    Hey Circletoons, just a quick question are you gonna do an animation for E3 21 ? Just curious.

  3. Runaway kid /  seven

    Runaway kid / sevenPrije mjesec

    Are you going to do a video about HALO INFINITE

  4. wmw1210

    wmw1210Prije mjesec


  5. MFW

    MFWPrije mjesec

    This definitly is the most mood animation ever.

  6. Bob

    BobPrije mjesec


  7. Arif Jamshed

    Arif JamshedPrije 4 dana

    I think this whole fight was just a big over complicated way for logan and floyed to hug and yk what....thats cute

  8. Hawatt Creations

    Hawatt CreationsPrije 5 dana

    Everyone was A *"PAUL"* ed.

  9. Abram Walker

    Abram WalkerPrije 6 dana

    You sir, are a genius.

  10. Stevie Obie

    Stevie ObiePrije 9 dana

    Seen the fight and this is 100% accurate. They just hugged all fight. And got paid millions for it 😏

  11. Daniel Chan

    Daniel ChanPrije 12 dana

    floyd is all shorts lol

  12. Peyton Parkhill

    Peyton ParkhillPrije 16 dana

    Fuck paying for each fight. I'ma just go to Buffalo Wild Wings.

  13. Idky

    IdkyPrije 19 dana

    This fight will be remembered as, “I pirated this and I still want a refund…”

  14. Peteyabit

    PeteyabitPrije 20 dana

    It’s an exhibition completely fake and the ending is bought and paid for

  15. Nicu Strimbopol

    Nicu StrimbopolPrije 23 dana

    That psa10 charizard tho

  16. I eat CEREAL!!!

    I eat CEREAL!!!Prije 24 dana

    Eat your cereal

  17. ManOfParody

    ManOfParodyPrije 25 dana

    But you still watched it, didn't you?

  18. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisementPrije 26 dana

    It's funny to think that Logan has a worse boxing record than someone who's never boxed lmao.

  19. 2017

    2017Prije 28 dana

    no le pusiste aletas vales berga

  20. Trip the Third

    Trip the ThirdPrije 28 dana

    this hurt me physically and yet spiritually i feel rejuvenated

  21. Christian V

    Christian VPrije 28 dana

    Why was Mayweather white?

  22. man

    manPrije 29 dana

    why the fuck does he has a rare charizard card around his neck

  23. The Renaissance

    The RenaissancePrije mjesec

    In all fairnezs.. he did get beat up by arguably the best pound for pound boxer ever.. so.. he deserved a few bucks for that...

  24. TheGameGuru

    TheGameGuruPrije mjesec

    pretty much twitch donations lol look there's mommy's dollars in the chat

  25. Back Of House

    Back Of HousePrije mjesec

    Binky from Arthur

  26. Hermit Card

    Hermit CardPrije mjesec


  27. Caleb Black

    Caleb BlackPrije mjesec

    Why isn't Floyd black

  28. Cookie cracker2

    Cookie cracker2Prije mjesec

    I am happy to not know anything about this except for that it happened. let's keep it that way.


    GOD KEK LIVES HEREPrije mjesec


  30. fabRic_jAck

    fabRic_jAckPrije mjesec

    What else did any of you idiots expect from a money fight like this?!!!

  31. Choekyi Gyaltsen

    Choekyi GyaltsenPrije mjesec

    Jake Paul : Logan won 100 💯

  32. Lemon

    LemonPrije mjesec

    Wholesome fight, if you can say it fight

  33. Drakeee

    DrakeeePrije mjesec

    I like the Charizard chain🤣

  34. Irresistible Premium Vodka

    Irresistible Premium VodkaPrije mjesec

    The end killed me i was wheezing

  35. Bayden Hooper

    Bayden HooperPrije mjesec

    That deserved a subscription.

  36. Andy69 420

    Andy69 420Prije mjesec

    Never knew mayweather pulled a Michael Jackson’s

  37. BuildingwithTrees

    BuildingwithTreesPrije mjesec

    Boxing is Gay

  38. ahegao megumin

    ahegao meguminPrije mjesec

    Hug so much i though they are lovers

  39. ghostface killah

    ghostface killahPrije mjesec

    I never seen the actual fight. But everyone who i know who did. Tells me that is basically it

  40. B3 Yumi Cruz

    B3 Yumi CruzPrije mjesec

    im a certified yt expert, and logan paul is in the phylum called douchetubers

  41. Leaf

    LeafPrije mjesec

    It's almost as if I kept saying this would happen, it's a shame to boxing

  42. Stephan Hersh

    Stephan HershPrije mjesec

    Floyd couldn’t knock that douche out and got hit by a perfect one two. That’s the greatest defensive boxer of all time against a fucking HRchartsr 😂

  43. Derek

    DerekPrije mjesec

    I really love the sound of the fifty dollar bill gracefully flying down

  44. E

    EPrije mjesec

    you forgot about the fangirls that supports Logan paul

  45. Raine M. Delos Reyes

    Raine M. Delos ReyesPrije mjesec


  46. king Ammo

    king AmmoPrije mjesec


  47. Chris Ramos

    Chris RamosPrije mjesec

    Maywearher ruins legacy by becoming a showpiece for the Paul brothers. It was actually pathetic they got Floyd out here fighting like that. Exhibition or not, Floyd shoulda said “no” but he doesn’t have any pride in himself

  48. Orion Monroe

    Orion MonroePrije mjesec

    Logan Paul is a dam nuisance

  49. Mutah

    MutahPrije mjesec

    I feel like I'm the only one who finds your "animations" unbearable to watch, the constant janky camera movements make me nauseous, do you do that to cover up the fact that there isn't any actual animation? Just a figure with eyes that constantly jet back and forth? Before any of the "you don't have to watch it" comments, I tell HRcharts I'm not interested in this channel or it's content every time it shows up, yet it still shows up.

  50. Sheff Kane

    Sheff KanePrije mjesec


  51. Kelspeth

    KelspethPrije mjesec

    Logan and Floyd hugged for so long I thought racism ended in america.

  52. ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭

    ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭Prije mjesec


  53. ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭

    ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭Prije mjesec


  54. ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭

    ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭Prije mjesec


  55. Adrian Cervantes

    Adrian CervantesPrije mjesec

    ....... fuck is I'm out

  56. Zachary D

    Zachary DPrije mjesec


  57. Bryan Obee

    Bryan ObeePrije mjesec

    Why's Floyd white tho

  58. Jeremiah D.

    Jeremiah D.Prije mjesec

    I kinda lost respect for Mayweather after that fight...

  59. Scabbin'

    Scabbin'Prije mjesec


  60. Reese T

    Reese TPrije mjesec


  61. SuperKrazyGamer

    SuperKrazyGamerPrije mjesec

    Bruh i thought it was meant to be a fight not a hugging match

  62. Domanin Montiel

    Domanin MontielPrije mjesec

    Why didn’t you make him brown.

  63. Slimeball

    SlimeballPrije mjesec

    I have ingested a strange narcotic with the name "Molly", and now i happen to be perspiring.

  64. Uzarevikzing Uzarejiikoziun

    Uzarevikzing UzarejiikoziunPrije mjesec

    Child impression was 10/10

  65. Jake Moyles

    Jake MoylesPrije mjesec

    I love to watch fights, I will never watch this fight.

  66. acsexton54

    acsexton54Prije mjesec

    Floyd Mayweather actually said he was impressed and honestly I kind of like Logan Paul as a boxer

  67. acsexton54

    acsexton54Prije mjesec

    @Retronian 80’s okay but you have any reason for that or is it just cause you don't like Logan Paul??? Floyd Mayweather is worth 450 million has made 1.1 billion in his career I seriously doubt Logan would offer to pay him money to lie about him being a good boxer and he'd accept he doesn't need the money

  68. Retronian 80’s

    Retronian 80’sPrije mjesec

    Thing is I’m pretty sure it was an act, just like the last one, he paid him to say all those things, I doubt Logan is even good at boxing

  69. Giovanni Burrows

    Giovanni BurrowsPrije mjesec

    I like how Logan Paul has a 1st edition charizard on his necklace lol

  70. sammieboe

    sammieboePrije mjesec

    Why do these things even exist?

  71. Who???

    Who???Prije mjesec

    Because they can

  72. Healthy

    HealthyPrije mjesec

    Its so accurate that the kids have twitter. But its one of the worst thing to happen to a child because they are joining a rabbit that they cant escape. Thats why parents should give their children ACTUAL attention.

  73. John McNeil

    John McNeilPrije mjesec


  74. ryantrusty

    ryantrustyPrije mjesec

    at walking dollar signs I broke LMAO

  75. PARASYTE117 Does Random Things!

    PARASYTE117 Does Random Things!Prije mjesec

    It's not gay, it's called bromance, so in a sense it's kinda gay, but it's not.

  76. Elbow Fever

    Elbow FeverPrije mjesec

    "There's my 50 dollar bill" is exactly the appeal of donating to streamers

  77. Luis Trochez

    Luis TrochezPrije mjesec

    logan paul gave floyd mayweather so much hugs they might aswell be bf and bf

  78. lilollypump

    lilollypumpPrije mjesec

    big fan

  79. Blaruss

    BlarussPrije mjesec

    I've never witnessed something more historically accuracy in my entire life

  80. Screaming Eagle

    Screaming EaglePrije mjesec


  81. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki KenPrije mjesec

    When ads are longer than the video itself

  82. MB 157

    MB 157Prije mjesec

    Your characters aren’t gonna stop having ._. faces, are they

  83. TheMock5000

    TheMock5000Prije mjesec

    Logan and Floyd hug: I dunno, seems pretty gay to me

  84. Andreas Strife

    Andreas StrifePrije mjesec

    Sheeple are so easley fooled

  85. FireFuzion // JD

    FireFuzion // JDPrije mjesec

    This is wonderful love before fists. Truly remarkable

  86. Steamy

    SteamyPrije mjesec

    Put this on r/ksi

  87. Dan Dan

    Dan DanPrije mjesec

    Ive done street fights more intense than that fight

  88. Stuffed Gamer

    Stuffed GamerPrije mjesec

    I don’t think a single punch was thrown in that fight They could’ve done more damage with sockem babers

  89. バッド

    バッドPrije mjesec

    *theres my fifty dollar bill* LMFAO

  90. Daniel Castro

    Daniel CastroPrije mjesec

    why is floyd white?

  91. destinyjam cookie

    destinyjam cookiePrije mjesec

    You’re not a true fan if your money isn’t a part of the money pile

  92. Nadir Bait Saleem

    Nadir Bait SaleemPrije mjesec

    I love the Mayweather model for this one 😂

  93. Lovable Wench

    Lovable WenchPrije mjesec

    This isn’t funny

  94. P3ashooter025

    P3ashooter025Prije mjesec

    Wtf the kids sound like Skid and Pump

  95. SelfLoathingWeekly

    SelfLoathingWeeklyPrije mjesec

    This is EVERY Floyd Mayweather fight, ever.

  96. Tommydawg 8187

    Tommydawg 8187Prije mjesec

    I doubt Mayweather even train for the fight

  97. bcgilbert5

    bcgilbert5Prije mjesec

    sooo funny -_-

  98. Jello Shee

    Jello SheePrije mjesec

    I have nothing to say

  99. Ariel Rey

    Ariel ReyPrije mjesec

    It's not the kid's 50 dollar bill it's his dad's

  100. christian sanchez

    christian sanchezPrije mjesec


  101. Lucas Krasuski

    Lucas KrasuskiPrije mjesec

    Oh my god😡😡 Floyd is totally whitewashed I’m going to cancel you on titter 🤬🤬

  102. Ria

    RiaPrije mjesec

    You can't just steal footage of the actual fight and call it your own😗

  103. Richard Vines

    Richard VinesPrije mjesec

    This is so true it actually hurts

  104. Esteban BR

    Esteban BRPrije mjesec

    Maaa you guys are so butthurt it was never about the fight it was about the entertainment

  105. Ymanuele Hernadez

    Ymanuele HernadezPrije mjesec

    It was just a joke video lmao

  106. chayes

    chayesPrije mjesec

    Jesus Christ loves you

  107. Oliver Garrett

    Oliver GarrettPrije mjesec

    True story Logan Paul never cared about his fans he treats them like garbage and scammed some children who don’t have the right to spend money on worthless things

  108. sinnison23

    sinnison23Prije mjesec

    Here's the key to ending this fucking farcical nonsense they're trying to pawn off as "sport". Don't watch. Don't even pirate it, don't watch it at the bar, don't tweet about it, just ignore it. Keep your money, but also don't even give the impression you are interested in it. When there's no interest, there will be no sponsors, and this trash won't make it to the ring.

  109. Colin

    ColinPrije mjesec

    He shoulda wore a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. would’ve fixed the whole thing.