Minecraft Speedrunning in a Nutshell

Wait... you're telling me this game ISN'T supposed to be finished in 20 minutes?!

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  1. CircleToonsHD

    CircleToonsHDPrije 6 mjeseci

    Yeah GUESS what, I'm doing a POKEMON CARD OPENING STREAM TOMORROW! 1PM EST! Your mom told me she's gonna be extremely disappointed in you if you don't show up, so you BETTER SHOW UP!

  2. natalie mcallister

    natalie mcallisterPrije mjesec

    Fdf6xt f4 and the other side gof and the other f5

  3. natalie mcallister

    natalie mcallisterPrije mjesec

    @Gurkenbauer Tim …

  4. DarkStone 606

    DarkStone 606Prije mjesec

    U already beat the record its 1:05 min

  5. Plasma Boy TV

    Plasma Boy TVPrije 2 mjeseci

    i think i missed it...

  6. purrloin 01

    purrloin 01Prije 2 mjeseci

    Well jokes on you i don't have a mom.... Wait

  7. Willgab7

    Willgab7Prije 2 dana

    Wrold record 1 min and 4 seconds XD

  8. Musical Shy Guy

    Musical Shy GuyPrije 3 dana

    I thought the enderdragon was Arin from Gamegrump's "Grubba" voice

  9. nika andriadze

    nika andriadzePrije 3 dana

    Smiling Blaze isn't real. Smiling Blaze: *0:34**.*

  10. ~Rayhan ~Angin

    ~Rayhan ~AnginPrije 4 dana

    Why Mojang Hate Speedrun...

  11. anb_ok

    anb_okPrije 5 dana

    u earned a sub lolololol

  12. Raimaster 79

    Raimaster 79Prije 5 dana

    Only in circle toon's world are the people 3 blocks tall lol

  13. Evilxavier4015Playz😈😈

    Evilxavier4015Playz😈😈Prije 5 dana


  14. madafaka

    madafakaPrije 6 dana

    Nice 1:05 sec

  15. EJ's Gaming Advice

    EJ's Gaming AdvicePrije 7 dana

    Yes I saw the terraria reference and I am happy about it

  16. Itz_ya_boy77

    Itz_ya_boy77Prije 8 dana

    It do be like that tho

  17. Kakyoin Noriaki

    Kakyoin NoriakiPrije 9 dana

    1:04 second speedrun he has beaten nightmare

  18. Miguel AG

    Miguel AGPrije 11 dana

    Nice sussy terraria eye reference👌

  19. XGaming AdrianX

    XGaming AdrianXPrije 11 dana

    0:46 there is a terraria eye

  20. S1r_derpington 55

    S1r_derpington 55Prije 11 dana

    This is actually made by SquareToonsHD

  21. Mr.boyboy

    Mr.boyboyPrije 12 dana

    New world record

  22. Плотва из Лодзя

    Плотва из ЛодзяPrije 12 dana

    Hello nightmare #323

  23. Ben Mann

    Ben MannPrije 13 dana

    New world recore

  24. MsZsc

    MsZscPrije 13 dana

    Steve crawling like a centipede is my spirit animal

  25. Darion Balkaran

    Darion BalkaranPrije 14 dana

    0:46 Is that a Terraria Suspicious Looking Eye or Demon Eye reference?

  26. This Is not it

    This Is not itPrije 14 dana

    Wow 1:05 new world record

  27. Jeremy

    JeremyPrije 15 dana


  28. EdizLikesE

    EdizLikesEPrije 15 dana

    Ahh yes the hot tub that goes to the shadow realm.

  29. Victor Kordun

    Victor KordunPrije 15 dana

    Ntgl i love how the endear dragon is depicted. He’s just a friendly chonky boi.

  30. J Craft

    J CraftPrije 15 dana

    A hot tub that leads to the Shadow Realm 😂😂😂

  31. gold zomb

    gold zombPrije 16 dana

    1:05 that’s definitely a new record

  32. An Autistic Hegehog

    An Autistic HegehogPrije 17 dana

    No frickin' way That's the hot tub that leads to the Shadow Realm

  33. Marvin Ferlin

    Marvin FerlinPrije 17 dana


  34. Alexandra Perez-Yepez

    Alexandra Perez-YepezPrije 18 dana

    0:56 500 iq

  35. George Deng

    George DengPrije 18 dana

    That ender dragon voice though.

  36. Jeffrey Cauwels

    Jeffrey CauwelsPrije 19 dana

    FAVORITE TIMESTAMPS: 0:22 0:29 0:36 1:03

  37. plush films

    plush filmsPrije 19 dana

    It's all fun and games until you put squares in CircleToonsHD

  38. Alexandra Perez-Yepez

    Alexandra Perez-YepezPrije 19 dana


  39. D

    DPrije 21 dan

    Honestly, that villager is so handsome...

  40. Roxanna Romero

    Roxanna RomeroPrije 21 dan

    Omg he did a new world record

  41. S.G.T but ROBLOX

    S.G.T but ROBLOXPrije 21 dan

    It was 1:05 His record 0 hours 1 minute and 5 seconds.

  42. RedYTgamerMLG

    RedYTgamerMLGPrije 22 dana

    1 min world record

  43. Samuel Trusik

    Samuel TrusikPrije 22 dana

    The any% Cockroach speedrun.

  44. sujurati

    sujuratiPrije 22 dana

    Ayo what time did you get?

  45. Jennifer,s fun time

    Jennifer,s fun timePrije 23 dana

    I think this is a new world record

  46. plush films

    plush filmsPrije 23 dana

    I like it how he crawls ontop of lava

  47. The dank engine

    The dank enginePrije 23 dana


  48. Cody Cox

    Cody CoxPrije 25 dana

    0.01 off

  49. Morne Weenink

    Morne WeeninkPrije 25 dana

    More minecraft

  50. Phoenixbird Studios

    Phoenixbird StudiosPrije 25 dana

    0:35 that blaze is epic

  51. seangny Seam

    seangny SeamPrije 26 dana

    Denim animal die mall we will bill you and i don't know if you are in a public holiday under dalene and daddy deals today i will be there meaning of living in

  52. Owen Nguyen

    Owen NguyenPrije 27 dana

    I guess you got the world record for beating bootleg mincraft in 1:05 minutes

  53. Half Skill

    Half SkillPrije 28 dana

    Holy cow he beat the game in 1 minute and 5 seconds. Dream wishes he’s that good

  54. Aliaa Fergany

    Aliaa FerganyPrije 28 dana

    *New world record **1:05*

  55. Mr. P-boi

    Mr. P-boiPrije 28 dana

    One of those ender eyes is a little sus lookin to me

  56. Toxicwayste

    ToxicwaystePrije 29 dana

    I love the enderdragon’s voice


    TROLLGEPrije 29 dana

    The Kindest speedrun in the history of the world

  58. BennyTB

    BennyTBPrije mjesec

    The way he crawls 😂🤣

  59. Benjamin Richard

    Benjamin RichardPrije mjesec

    The only thing that would make this better is the dream speedrun music

  60. Miles Gem

    Miles GemPrije mjesec

    Only if u could really speed run like this

  61. Lazy Dino YT

    Lazy Dino YTPrije mjesec

    He beat the record

  62. Anonymous juj

    Anonymous jujPrije mjesec

    dang you beat the game in 1:00 that's insane

  63. my channel made me delet

    my channel made me deletPrije mjesec

    I love his vids

  64. TravellingVoid

    TravellingVoidPrije mjesec

    Villager: p-please si-sir we need those resources to survive.. Mojang: STICK TO THE LINE

  65. Z.U.G.U.S

    Z.U.G.U.SPrije mjesec

    0:45 OMGF IS THAT EYE OF CYTHuLuJigYgyfYkHyUygTfydr

  66. Charles Ewang Mengalle

    Charles Ewang MengallePrije mjesec

    This is innacurrate U forgot the speedrunning music


    TAHJAY IRVINGPrije mjesec

    Dragon : welcome to my domain I bet you came here to murder me in cold blood Steve : actually I just came here to give you this bed Also Steve : i just love killing

  68. Nour amr El Hawary

    Nour amr El HawaryPrije mjesec

    a minute and five seconds nkt bad at all...not bad indeed

  69. Clara Alvarado

    Clara AlvaradoPrije mjesec

    Yo circletoons? SQUARETOONS

  70. Xerxen Thera

    Xerxen TheraPrije mjesec

    You just earned a sub from me, your videos are all fantastic

  71. •-•

    •-•Prije mjesec

    You forgot to raise pearl trade chance

  72. Dusty

    DustyPrije mjesec

    It hurts me to know that some people will never think of Billy Mitchell when talking about cheating at video games, but will instead think of some zoomer Minecraft youtuber.

  73. Electric jack

    Electric jackPrije mjesec

    And he was only 1 seconds from beating it.

  74. Nicholas Jones

    Nicholas JonesPrije mjesec

    Chris chan would make an excellent final boss

  75. The Puppeteering one

    The Puppeteering onePrije mjesec

    How da hell was the portal too small tho? It's clearly 2x2

  76. Millar Ford

    Millar FordPrije mjesec

    Casually crouched on lava

  77. Veaf ST

    Veaf STPrije mjesec

    This is fake the dragon cant sleep at the end R/wooosh pls

  78. Kaleb Butler

    Kaleb ButlerPrije mjesec

    You beat the world record!!?!!!?!!

  79. Placa Y ya

    Placa Y yaPrije mjesec

    0:48 i feel kinda bad for the dragon

  80. Freakso ist der beste

    Freakso ist der bestePrije mjesec

    I Love the sound by 0:43

  81. XCreeper Extabite

    XCreeper ExtabitePrije mjesec

    Nice. Beat the game in 1 minute and 4 second.

  82. I love anime

    I love animePrije mjesec

    Yo that's a world record 1 minute and 4 seconds insane 😂

  83. GuyWho WatchesStuff

    GuyWho WatchesStuffPrije mjesec

    And you know that somehow, someone is gonna beat minecraft faster then the person did in thos video because some people who speedrun minecraft are on hard coke

  84. Balhalla fan

    Balhalla fanPrije mjesec

    A minute and 5 seconds new world record

  85. diemeksa

    diemeksaPrije mjesec


  86. Muhammad Iskandar Zunnurain Mahathir

    Muhammad Iskandar Zunnurain MahathirPrije mjesec

    Bad video

  87. Floaty Boba

    Floaty BobaPrije mjesec

    He beat the record,ONE MINUTE

  88. Bruno Brekalo

    Bruno BrekaloPrije mjesec

    Well 1 minute 5 seconds is a world record so congrats

  89. Shiroi21 Kuro

    Shiroi21 KuroPrije mjesec

    I feel bad for the ender dragon

  90. Rugna Patel

    Rugna PatelPrije mjesec

    Hey this was the worlds fastest speedrun

  91. Goldtail productions

    Goldtail productionsPrije mjesec

    I saw that suspicious looking eye Your not fooling anyone

  92. GarbageAtSkyblock

    GarbageAtSkyblockPrije 26 dana

    When the eye is SUS 😳😳😳

  93. Bricks and Dirt

    Bricks and DirtPrije mjesec

    McAfee and Epstein didn't kill themselves

  94. Sanger B

    Sanger BPrije mjesec

    This guy got the world record, finishing it in 1:50 UNREAL?

  95. Toast

    ToastPrije mjesec


  96. Too Much Damn Yogurt

    Too Much Damn YogurtPrije mjesec

    1:05 has to be a new wr. nice job circletoons

  97. bee 🐝

    bee 🐝Prije mjesec

    He did that in 1:11.71 in speed run time also don't click on the blue it leads to death

  98. the random guy

    the random guyPrije mjesec

    Why Was ther a eye of chutulu lol

  99. Abood Gaming

    Abood GamingPrije mjesec


  100. Duncan Dublin

    Duncan DublinPrije mjesec

    That's sooooo true

  101. SparkTFS

    SparkTFSPrije mjesec

    Completely accurate

  102. S E L V I N G BTW

    S E L V I N G BTWPrije mjesec

    Ayo, that waa 1:05 you almost got a world record

  103. Hello Hello

    Hello HelloPrije mjesec

    That was a pretty suspicious eye

  104. Desiree Watts - Realtor

    Desiree Watts - RealtorPrije mjesec

    Literally dream's mind when he does speedruns

  105. JordanFellas

    JordanFellasPrije mjesec

    1:05 seconds OMG it's a world record

  106. Galactic

    GalacticPrije mjesec

    0:44 suspicious looking eye form terraria