When a Game is Released Unfinished

Oh boy! I sure hope this game is worth the 60 dollars I paid for it! Haha! haha... ha

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  1. CircleToonsHD

    CircleToonsHDPrije 5 mjeseci

    Hey everyone!

  2. Lenny Summers

    Lenny SummersPrije 4 mjeseci

    Plot twist: it was released on April 1st

  3. ashland plays

    ashland playsPrije 4 mjeseci

    K cris

  4. Jalen Seipel

    Jalen SeipelPrije 4 mjeseci

    *cough* cyberpunk!! *cough cough*

  5. Joshua Long

    Joshua LongPrije 5 mjeseci

    I know im just one voice out of your 2 million plus viewers, but I've just spent all day in the ER with 3 family members sick and this channel has helped me smile.

  6. Christian Drake

    Christian DrakePrije 5 mjeseci

    This is cyberpunk 2077 isnt it.

  7. AustinK

    AustinKPrije 4 dana


  8. nightschade gaming

    nightschade gamingPrije 5 dana

    0:48 something doesn't look right about that controller

  9. Þórr

    ÞórrPrije 5 dana

    ELDEN RING BETTER BE GOOD OR SOMEONE GONNA PAY Which is gonna be me, I'm gonna pay $60 for it

  10. Maxwell Hj

    Maxwell HjPrije 6 dana

    What, every Bethesda game.

  11. Ben Burns

    Ben BurnsPrije 8 dana

    Stop preorders. Dont but something before it exists. Yall would be skint if you meet a snake oil salesman

  12. Samuel Miller

    Samuel MillerPrije 8 dana

    Ehem Security breach ehem

  13. Paul Dozier

    Paul DozierPrije 13 dana

    Is there a still image of that last scene available? I don't wanna screen grab it without permission, but if it's out there and being used in memes I'd love to add it to my folder. Cheers!

  14. Umbra

    UmbraPrije 14 dana

    Sounds like every company since gaming as a service became popular

  15. TheBassMeister

    TheBassMeisterPrije 14 dana

    Remember not to preorder Battlefield 2042!

  16. L3d

    L3dPrije 15 dana

    Rust console edition be like

  17. Herbert Herdet

    Herbert HerdetPrije 16 dana

    This is going to be battelfield 2042

  18. Sabs Fazbear

    Sabs FazbearPrije 17 dana

    I'm a man of culture, I see Capcom announcing new game I get excited because we at least know Capcom listens to their fans

  19. Baert Nikias

    Baert NikiasPrije 17 dana

    Anyone else getting no man sky/fallout 74 vibes??

  20. Samuel Miller

    Samuel MillerPrije 17 dana


  21. Charmexe

    CharmexePrije 18 dana

    Cyberpunk 2077

  22. Wander

    WanderPrije 18 dana

    "Even though it was just pre-rendered cutscenes that don't show the actual product whatsoever" Pure pain.

  23. DarenK77

    DarenK77Prije 19 dana

    When Genshin says 7 Nations of Teyvat but currently only the 3rd one is coming out But hey it’s still fun, take your time mihoyo

  24. DarenK77

    DarenK77Prije 19 dana

    In case I forget about this game, can someone ping me when all nations come out?

  25. Morgan327 and a Half

    Morgan327 and a HalfPrije 19 dana

    animal crossing be like

  26. Endarus

    EndarusPrije 20 dana

    ladies and gents, Fallout 76 in a nutshell

  27. Sir. SmellsAlot

    Sir. SmellsAlotPrije 21 dan

    people rushed cyberpunk and got mad when it was unfinished

  28. Kasuma ;-;

    Kasuma ;-;Prije 22 dana


  29. Bariq99

    Bariq99Prije 22 dana

    As bad as Nintedo has become.. I am SO glad their games still kick ass!

  30. Wizardian

    WizardianPrije 23 dana

    Wow that release time reminds me about a game... *cough halo infinite *cough

  31. Ave Satani

    Ave SataniPrije 24 dana

    Yuuuuuuupp. The days of pre-ordering are gone, A game should work well and have enough content on release, not become good after years to eventually become the product that it should have been at release.

  32. Intentional disaster

    Intentional disasterPrije 24 dana

    I feel like your talking about dying light 2

  33. nujabeslistener

    nujabeslistenerPrije 24 dana

    No man's Cyberpunk 2076 in a nutshell

  34. Erich Beyer

    Erich BeyerPrije 24 dana

    Anybody remember Atomic Heart?

  35. Lonely_Ghost

    Lonely_GhostPrije 24 dana

    Meanwhile back in GTA:

  36. Icy BUNツ

    Icy BUNツPrije 24 dana

    You just insult my subscriber game

  37. Nhire

    NhirePrije 24 dana

    Another cyberpunk 2077 video?

  38. ThatOneFish

    ThatOneFishPrije 25 dana


  39. Jack Catchpowle

    Jack CatchpowlePrije 25 dana

    “A delayed game will eventually be good but an unfinished game will always be bad.”

  40. MemeKnight

    MemeKnightPrije 27 dana

    *cough *cough.... CYBERPUNK

  41. Peanutbutter and goldfish

    Peanutbutter and goldfishPrije 28 dana

    Cyberpunk belike: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME


    CHEESY BOIPrije 28 dana

    "Cough" cyberpunk 2077 "Cough"

  43. Mark Thomas Kiec

    Mark Thomas KiecPrije 28 dana

    Oh boy I loved No-Man's Desitny 2-077-6 Anthem. That was just like this game.

  44. lucian rice

    lucian ricePrije mjesec

    ah bethasda.....

  45. Kin-chan~~

    Kin-chan~~Prije mjesec

    God of war 4 be like:

  46. FrostPlayz

    FrostPlayzPrije mjesec

    Simple, play hollow knight. xd

  47. LugiaplayZ 09

    LugiaplayZ 09Prije mjesec

    subnautica be like:

  48. Robert Gray

    Robert GrayPrije mjesec

    This was definitely throwing shade at a game that came out in 2020 full of bugs and was removed from the ps store, it was something cyber or whatever, who knows what game that was😂😂😂

  49. Noah Webster

    Noah WebsterPrije mjesec

    You can say this is about Cyperpunk, it's fine.

  50. Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Matthew Talbot-PainePrije mjesec

    Sometime you just have to get the game on the high seas before you buy it so you can see what is actually in the game.

  51. Miguel Ramírez

    Miguel RamírezPrije mjesec

    0:25 is that related to System Shock?

  52. Sayed Jamshid Shah

    Sayed Jamshid ShahPrije mjesec

    Then, we have Flandere Simulatoror.

  53. Imperial Histati

    Imperial HistatiPrije mjesec

    Tod Howard

  54. Cactar8

    Cactar8Prije mjesec

    I'm so in denial I still haven't refunded cyberpunk...

  55. MAXTHEBOSS 9999

    MAXTHEBOSS 9999Prije mjesec

    *ahem ahem* rust console

  56. HellryserDTH

    HellryserDTHPrije mjesec

    Bethesda's Starfield presentation in a Nutshell.

  57. Luck Of The Duck

    Luck Of The DuckPrije mjesec

    Hollowknight silksong tho, that's gonna be the one.

  58. afonyauk

    afonyaukPrije mjesec

    Lokoing at you cyberpunk2077

  59. Somethingsuperbland

    SomethingsuperblandPrije mjesec

    That last image is me with most games

  60. jamlord 2061

    jamlord 2061Prije mjesec

    what everyone hopes doesn't occur for dying light 2

  61. Miky Dicy

    Miky DicyPrije mjesec

    Hope that Atomic Heart doesn't turn out like this. I have hope for this Stalker-meets-Bioshock Game :-)

  62. My Friend Pedro

    My Friend PedroPrije mjesec

    Soya boys always create hype for games.

  63. Studio Illustration

    Studio IllustrationPrije mjesec

    And this is why I wait for the game to come out look up a let's play of it and decide if I would want to play it

  64. Ididsubmititalready S

    Ididsubmititalready SPrije mjesec

    World of Warcraft started it first. It wasn't ready. French Vivendi flew in and said, "Ship it now, or get out! 15 people walked out of the office. It shipped on time. It was a disaster."

  65. Muhammad Nazri

    Muhammad NazriPrije mjesec

    Cyberpunk in a nutshell, in which you probably knew this already.

  66. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentPrije mjesec

    Alternative title : The launch of Cyberbug 1977 in a nutshell.

  67. Light Roast Coffee

    Light Roast CoffeePrije mjesec

    There should be a game company that buys ALL other video game companies, keep only the regular staff. Managers, supervisors, CEOs etc... all gone its only one person BUT he or she is elected by everyone else to run the place via a simple yes or no vote but also cameras with built in software to detect suspicious behavior would be present. With possibly hundreds of thousands of game devs under one roof things would be bound to get rowdy, so therefore pay would be competition based with staff bonuses, benefits and incentives, more on that in a second. With the massive building split into 4 parts each with their own game development team, each corner would simply known as either 1,2,3,4 or a,b,c,d. The entire second floor will be customer service and under the right conditions, customer service can connect a customer directly to a developer. Third floor will be, I don't know maybe, maintenance for fixing and swapping computer parts, there could be as many floors as needed. The competition inevitably created by the different teams will be self perpetuating and for the most part, everyone will keep everyone else in check. Unlike a team building effort in high school where chaos reigns, it would in theory be more like a trade school / college team building effort. Difference is high schoolers don't give a shit and #1 most people who join a trade school pay their own way (like me for welding) #2 if you fuck around you can and will easily fail. Furthermore, if you do make it through you will be very lost on the real jobsite, then there goes your reputation. Its just a kinda funny thought, then again everybody thought Elon Musk was a funny guy until he actually started sending shit into space. Now we all think he's not only a funny guy but a rich and fairly smart one too.

  68. Herman Cillo

    Herman CilloPrije mjesec

    Mass Effect 3, because they cut the original ending after the plot leak.

  69. JasmineDragon

    JasmineDragonPrije mjesec

    This should not have been recommended after Noodle's "Crunch Culture" vid

  70. Technico.top

    Technico.topPrije mjesec

    /pray in stalker 2

  71. JamMonsterMC

    JamMonsterMCPrije mjesec

    i felt that when i played fallout 76 😂

  72. Awkward Llama

    Awkward LlamaPrije mjesec

    *Looks at Elden Ring* Please...no.... Not mah boi, anything but mah boi

  73. BimLau Yomashitobi

    BimLau YomashitobiPrije mjesec

    Starfield in a nutshell

  74. Kaleb Young

    Kaleb YoungPrije mjesec

    Wake the hell up samurai, we got a city to burn

  75. El Presidente

    El PresidentePrije mjesec

    When weren't games released completed anymore? I think it must have started in 2013 when downloadable content slowly took over.

  76. Giro

    GiroPrije mjesec

    60$? We get charged 80+ for featured releases

  77. Burning Chicken

    Burning ChickenPrije mjesec

    I feel like this might be a reference to a specific game…

  78. Sleepy Miracles

    Sleepy MiraclesPrije mjesec

    This video has annoyed me immensely, it was literally only Cyberpunk that hugely fucked up, stop making it like it is the end of the world

  79. Chigstar Dan

    Chigstar DanPrije mjesec

    Anthem, titanfall, fifa 21 the list goes on. Oh, fallout 76.

  80. PenguinX20

    PenguinX20Prije mjesec

    at least nms redeemed itself

  81. chris Ace

    chris AcePrije mjesec

    This is why I don’t pre order unless I know it’s gonna be good or from a reliable company

  82. Incognito_Blazer

    Incognito_BlazerPrije mjesec

    Also a reminder that sometimes the devs *are* to blame, especially when it comes to light that the "crunches" they supposedly did mysteriously never happened lol

  83. Anankin12

    Anankin12Prije 10 dana


  84. Patrick Connolly

    Patrick ConnollyPrije mjesec

    Tim Videogame? You could have just said Todd Howard.

  85. Pok' l'Ours

    Pok' l'OursPrije mjesec

    Because getting excited about future games is a way to avoid the dark void of existential dread and uncertainty of the future. ... ... yeaaah, maybe I should shut up sometimes.

  86. Surya Prabhala

    Surya PrabhalaPrije mjesec

    Ubisoft spotted!

  87. AlphaSeagull

    AlphaSeagullPrije mjesec

    The video buffered like 10 seconds in and I busted out laughing because I thought the punchline was that even the video was unfinished

  88. MTF Roblox User vincentv28

    MTF Roblox User vincentv28Prije mjesec

    Cyberpunk 2077 in a nutshell.

  89. eduardo garcia

    eduardo garciaPrije mjesec

    Don't like how you downplayed crunch tho

  90. Joel Eadie

    Joel EadiePrije mjesec

    Soooooo pretty much every Bethesda game

  91. Egor Silovs

    Egor SilovsPrije mjesec

    That's why I'm slowly opening up more and more to indie games. Yeah, the inferior graphics hit hard, but the gameplay, attention to detail and overall feel of the game make it worth getting used to.

  92. GetBeavered

    GetBeaveredPrije mjesec

    Anthem in a nut shell

  93. Loki_ fan

    Loki_ fanPrije mjesec

    Haha the CD Cover with the PS 12 sign its so outdated the PS 13 is much better

  94. ifrce -21

    ifrce -21Prije mjesec

    That last part is why he's called circletoonshd

  95. Mitch F.

    Mitch F.Prije mjesec

    All games are released unfinished thats why they make you update the game as soon as you get it

  96. Leroy Jenkins

    Leroy JenkinsPrije mjesec

    Lucky...where did you even find a ps5?!?

  97. Stalfos Gamer

    Stalfos GamerPrije mjesec

    That ending. I know right?

  98. CoDz

    CoDzPrije mjesec

    Nice 'A' on PS5 controller.

  99. amir abrari

    amir abrariPrije mjesec

    ehem ehem *cough* "cyberpunk"

  100. Plush Dolphin

    Plush DolphinPrije mjesec

    Cyberpunk 2077 in a nutshell

  101. christiandk09

    christiandk09Prije mjesec

    Cyberpunk in a nutshell

  102. Tom Gord

    Tom GordPrije mjesec

    My relationship with early access title on steam in a nutshell

  103. Crash Test 01

    Crash Test 01Prije mjesec

    And then are complained about still less than 15 years later.

  104. Foxy-CAM TV

    Foxy-CAM TVPrije mjesec

    People who preorder suffer from FOMO.

  105. SaltySkramz

    SaltySkramzPrije mjesec

    City Interactive, only they don't hype it really anymore because they know their shit.

  106. Eater of Essence

    Eater of EssencePrije mjesec

    I don't think that Iv'e ever pre-orderd anything

  107. Digga Darby

    Digga DarbyPrije mjesec

    Fnaf security breach in a nutshell:

  108. oof that's weird

    oof that's weirdPrije mjesec

    HEY, MONSTER HUNTER RISE WAS GOOD AND IT WASN'T COMPLETE I'm just happy over e3, I'm not aggressive