When You Accidentally Betray Your Teammate

I swore to protect you, stranger, but alas... I was your downfall....

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  1. CircleToonsHD

    CircleToonsHDPrije 6 mjeseci

    FIRST! HAHA get "owned" losers! That's right, I win agai-wait there's already 70 comments wait stop stop please oh christ Edit: I'm told by friends and viewers this isn't showing up in the sub box, notifications. or my channel page... wtf?

  2. Ookami

    OokamiPrije mjesec

    HRcharts needs to get their chat situation together smh Noobs AF

  3. Ari The dog

    Ari The dogPrije 4 mjeseci


  4. Pathetic

    PatheticPrije 4 mjeseci

    @Shepard Avi oh no this again, its a scam

  5. Dr. Eggz

    Dr. EggzPrije 5 mjeseci


  6. Overlord_Trash

    Overlord_TrashPrije 5 mjeseci

    What was the song

  7. King pasta 007

    King pasta 007Prije 13 dana

    The grenade had the pin in it

  8. xander rob

    xander robPrije 15 dana

    Sims like rainbow six siege game I was in

  9. Piggyhacker 1927

    Piggyhacker 1927Prije 17 dana

    Wait the pin was still in the grenade…

  10. Mr Bricks

    Mr BricksPrije 17 dana

    He didn't pul the pin of the grenade they should be more woried about safty

  11. David Dunaway

    David DunawayPrije 19 dana

    That grenade still had the pin in it lol

  12. Deff

    DeffPrije 19 dana

    _7 days??_ god damn

  13. 『Not Iveboy32 』

    『Not Iveboy32 』Prije 19 dana


  14. kevin pillsbury

    kevin pillsburyPrije 25 dana

    Wait but the pin was still in the grenade nani

  15. Dark Eco

    Dark EcoPrije 25 dana

    what song was that played

  16. Mr. Eggus

    Mr. EggusPrije 27 dana

    Is no one going to point out the grenade still had a pin in it?

  17. William White

    William WhitePrije 28 dana

    This always happens to me in rainbow six siege

  18. iamagamer :D

    iamagamer :DPrije mjesec

    This happened to me in mini militia Where I used a explosive and I tossed it or shoot it to kill the enemy but the teammate came on the way and boom he died. He said it was my fault (I guess?) But it was his fault bcs he was on the wae r8? So ya he pissed

  19. LavaError_LP

    LavaError_LPPrije mjesec

    Where men cry

  20. xLionsxxSmithyx

    xLionsxxSmithyxPrije mjesec

    I never accidentally Kill my team mates, it's their fault for running across an active firing zone... If you're getting shot, it's on purpose and it's your fault.

  21. James Thaens

    James ThaensPrije mjesec

    I'm going in the left room I'm bombing the left room What? What?

  22. RoseyDoesRobloxTM

    RoseyDoesRobloxTMPrije mjesec

    Wait, no, no, no this is not okay! The animation it reminds me of. No! I swore i had forgotten All about it! I can't. *Inhales* MANENDEEEEEEEEZ~! *Bomb* *thus history was made*

  23. Loza’s gaming

    Loza’s gamingPrije mjesec

    This sounds like a song that would be played in days gone

  24. chaster mief

    chaster miefPrije mjesec

    i was playing hell let loose and was using a tiger tank and i was taking a shot at an enemy supply truck and one of my teammates i hadnt seen in the scope jumped in front of where i was shooting and got turned into paste and kept trying to teamkill me for the next 30 minutes after that and was actually the first time ive seen someone get votekicked in the game

  25. Oquyu

    OquyuPrije mjesec

    Wait... the pin was in the grenade

  26. Hello, my name is Fred, fear me

    Hello, my name is Fred, fear mePrije mjesec

    When you realize that friendly fire is off

  27. Aditya 999

    Aditya 999Prije mjesec


  28. Mr Fridge

    Mr FridgePrije mjesec

    Rainbow six seige

  29. Camping Finnish guy in the winter war

    Camping Finnish guy in the winter warPrije mjesec


  30. Gustavo Borealis

    Gustavo BorealisPrije mjesec

    SEVEN DAY BAN? Jesus

  31. RM plays

    RM playsPrije mjesec

    Last of us vibes

  32. NephlemgodsoulRoblox

    NephlemgodsoulRobloxPrije mjesec

    He didn’t pull the pin tho ;-;

  33. Blt Lazer

    Blt LazerPrije mjesec

    The pin wasn’t even pulled

  34. Sarah says hello

    Sarah says helloPrije mjesec

    Reminds me of tarkov tried to loot a container accidently pushed grenade button, me shouting DUDE RUN, somehow neither of us died.

  35. Shaun Jimbangan

    Shaun JimbanganPrije mjesec

    Why does this remind me of church dying at the end of season 13 in RvB?

  36. WolkeStreit

    WolkeStreitPrije mjesec

    I'd like to know how that grenade went off without him pulling the pin and popping the spoon.

  37. yami naku

    yami nakuPrije mjesec

    He didn't even pull the pin

  38. Beo Wulf

    Beo WulfPrije mjesec

    The GTAO version of this is helping someone and then getting disconnected. Makes you look like an ass.




  40. babgdhdnsbhdhd

    babgdhdnsbhdhdPrije mjesec

    it was the the gernades falt it went off with the pin still in

  41. froo

    frooPrije 2 mjeseci

    The pin was still in

  42. BallsDeep69

    BallsDeep69Prije 2 mjeseci

    The pin was still in that

  43. Cody Krause

    Cody KrausePrije 2 mjeseci

    This could be retitled "when you misclick in an fps"

  44. Bears Rulez

    Bears RulezPrije 2 mjeseci

    He threw the grenade so hard it blew up with the pin it it 😳😳😳

  45. Chaos Commentary

    Chaos CommentaryPrije 2 mjeseci

    I’m lucky I still have friends cus I’ve probably done this at least ten times to both my friends in pubg. “Shit i hear footsteps upstairs” “ok tossing grenade through Second floor window”. Friend ok I’m going up the stairs BOOM!

  46. Mateo Camarena

    Mateo CamarenaPrije 2 mjeseci

    I saw the pin still on

  47. Lucas Mackay

    Lucas MackayPrije 2 mjeseci

    The pin is in the grenade

  48. tyle3980 tyle3980

    tyle3980 tyle3980Prije 2 mjeseci

    That moment when you realize the pin wasn’t pulled

  49. kitty drip

    kitty dripPrije 2 mjeseci

    To u know how nades work

  50. Weirdsloth42

    Weirdsloth42Prije 2 mjeseci

    WAIT A MINUTE the pin on the grenade wasnt off so it should not have killed your teammate

  51. FrostHeart

    FrostHeartPrije 2 mjeseci

    He forgot to pull the pin on the granade....

  52. Danyel Rash-Sawyer

    Danyel Rash-SawyerPrije 2 mjeseci

    The reason why I don't play with friendly fire

  53. Hubert Kamińszczyk

    Hubert KamińszczykPrije 2 mjeseci

    0:09 TF2 pyro xD

  54. thezman9001

    thezman9001Prije 2 mjeseci


  55. ClayLocker

    ClayLockerPrije 2 mjeseci

    pin is still in

  56. Ivan Felipe

    Ivan FelipePrije 2 mjeseci

    Rainbow six in a nutshell

  57. Phoenix Draws

    Phoenix DrawsPrije 2 mjeseci

    The pin was in the Grenade so it wouldn’t have worked

  58. Robert Sides

    Robert SidesPrije 2 mjeseci

    There are few consistent truths to life, but one we can all rely on is that devs will never make up their mind on where the grenade key goes. That and sprint. But the latter isn't as -hilarious- devastating.

  59. Han D Handerson

    Han D HandersonPrije 2 mjeseci

    But... he didn't pull the pin..

  60. DanCake

    DanCakePrije 2 mjeseci

    man didnt even pull the pin

  61. Ryan McHetz

    Ryan McHetzPrije 2 mjeseci

    I do this 24/7 in pubG but it’s not on accident lol

  62. Yeet Feet

    Yeet FeetPrije 2 mjeseci

    top 10 saddest anime deaths

  63. —_—

    —_—Prije 2 mjeseci

    The texture on the explosion look like fried chicken


    ALEXANDER AVILESPrije 2 mjeseci

    He didn’t even pull the pin lol

  65. The Z Family

    The Z FamilyPrije 2 mjeseci

    When your a kid playing a team shooter game for the first time and you shoot anyone you see jump out

  66. thenights knight

    thenights knightPrije 2 mjeseci

    The pin was still in the grenade when he threw it


    TEST ACCOUNTPrije 2 mjeseci

    It’s okay the pin was still in it was just rapidly expanding cheese

  68. count dooku

    count dookuPrije 2 mjeseci

    The pin and the lever is still on the grenade so wut

  69. N3XU5

    N3XU5Prije 2 mjeseci

    The grenade still had the pin in

  70. KevynpacThatGuyThatDraws

    KevynpacThatGuyThatDrawsPrije 3 mjeseci

    plot twist he didn't die because team killin was off

  71. reaper leviathan

    reaper leviathanPrije 3 mjeseci

    r6 in a nutshell

  72. Random MTF

    Random MTFPrije 3 mjeseci

    They never even found the cat.

  73. Beedo

    BeedoPrije 3 mjeseci

    So basically siege in a nutshell

  74. Ez imp

    Ez impPrije 3 mjeseci

    wait... he didn’t pull the pin

  75. Firestarr 58

    Firestarr 58Prije 3 mjeseci

    Wait... he hadn’t pulled the pin on that grenade.

  76. Fox Boi

    Fox BoiPrije 3 mjeseci

    I love how the pin is still in the grenade

  77. Super Sauce 64

    Super Sauce 64Prije 3 mjeseci


  78. Andres Rubio

    Andres RubioPrije 3 mjeseci

    how can the grenade be active if the pin is still on it?

  79. 27wille

    27willePrije 3 mjeseci

    He didnt even pull the pin it wasent his fault that it exploded

  80. Elite

    ElitePrije 3 mjeseci

    Six: Accident or not? No clue.

  81. Meme Corp.

    Meme Corp.Prije 3 mjeseci

    This is how we play Rainbow six siege

  82. Putti Pie

    Putti PiePrije 3 mjeseci

    The pin wasn’t even pulled

  83. randomtrashgamer

    randomtrashgamerPrije 3 mjeseci

    Rainbow 6 be like

  84. Ægon

    ÆgonPrije 3 mjeseci

    Why are we not allowed to do that if that is implemented in the first place!?

  85. someguyv11

    someguyv11Prije 3 mjeseci

    I do that on purpose in bedwars

  86. Sub Zero Clan

    Sub Zero ClanPrije 3 mjeseci

    Wait but dosent he have like 10 seconds to get out. cuase if you want a nade to exploded fast, you cook it. meanung you hold the safty lever for 5 seconds and then let go. so likkkkeeeeee.

  87. UnderageDrinking

    UnderageDrinkingPrije 3 mjeseci

    of course complementary "git gud son"

  88. Dino Prepper

    Dino PrepperPrije 3 mjeseci

    Want to tell me how u exploded a Grenada without pulling the pin. Dumb

  89. Vicky Bui

    Vicky BuiPrije 3 mjeseci

    Wait im so confused the pin wasn’t pulled out

  90. Kent Bacalan Games, Music and More

    Kent Bacalan Games, Music and MorePrije 3 mjeseci

    when you accidentally airblast the sentry buster into the sentry and not away from the sentry

  91. The Veil

    The VeilPrije 3 mjeseci

    Bu.... But the pin was still in there

  92. Colt_Ranger

    Colt_RangerPrije 3 mjeseci

    0:09 Pyro From Tf2 in a nutshell

  93. Isaiah Partida

    Isaiah PartidaPrije 3 mjeseci

    What sucks is people abused the team kick option to bully players, but now that it's gone, people team kill without repercussion. Its fucked

  94. rts0209 No Name

    rts0209 No NamePrije 3 mjeseci

    Wait the pin wasn't pulled XD but good job

  95. Cat bread

    Cat breadPrije 3 mjeseci

    theres a red spy in the base.

  96. great storyteller

    great storytellerPrije 3 mjeseci

    True suffering. Unless they deserved it.

  97. Tony Z

    Tony ZPrije 3 mjeseci

    I subscribed to your channel after finding your dark souls difficulty video (dark souls new guy here myself sadly) and loved that vid with a passion. But although all good allot of your other clips hurt my eyes with the constant zoom in and zoom out thing haha. Still funny af stuff and love them.

  98. Bored Boi

    Bored BoiPrije 3 mjeseci

    Can we talk about how he threw a grenade that wasn't even armed lel

  99. Mooshrooom

    MooshrooomPrije 3 mjeseci

    I do this but with flashbangs

  100. electrify my heart

    electrify my heartPrije 3 mjeseci

    one thing i love about grenades is how you can cook them perfectly so enemies can't react to it in time so they just go "well shit."

  101. MadWolf74

    MadWolf74Prije 3 mjeseci

    0:36 he didn't even pull the pin! XD

  102. Yo wut

    Yo wutPrije 3 mjeseci

    Top ten anime betrayals

  103. Rainer Hermus

    Rainer HermusPrije 3 mjeseci

    0:55 what pvp survival gamers see when they log online

  104. Andre Lemos

    Andre LemosPrije 3 mjeseci

    Wait, what? But, but the pin was still on the granade how it exploded?

  105. Admiral Shft Face

    Admiral Shft FacePrije 3 mjeseci

    Is that SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising music I hear? Good taste. Shame this comment 3 months behind.