When You FINALLY Reach That Ranged Enemy in an RPG

There is NOTHING worse than some dude with a bow...

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  1. CircleToonsHD

    CircleToonsHDPrije 3 mjeseci

    YOOO! I've been getting a ton of messages, wondering where the Pokémon Card streams have been, and I just wanted to let you guys know I'm taking a quick break from them (for a few reasons) but will be back very very soon! I seriously appreciate the love for the streams and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

  2. Gaming Nebula

    Gaming NebulaPrije mjesec

    Idk which are worse the ranged enemies like this in games or gawd damn snipers in battlefield style games. They just hang out on the absolute edge of the map on something and pick you off over and over again and they are too far to get without losing your head to them and leaves you no choice but to counter snipe BUT EVEN THEN they still get ya and when you think it's finally over and you got a quick lucky headshot, they put a spawn beacon up there and they are just instantly back. Actually I retract my earlier statement the snipers are worse, god damn sneaky bunny snipers

  3. Egg

    EggPrije 3 mjeseci


  4. Ryan O’s

    Ryan O’sPrije 3 mjeseci

    Just make your own RPG already!

  5. Shadebinder

    ShadebinderPrije 3 mjeseci

    Hey suggestion. What if you did a collab with Prozd? I feel like you could make a really funny episode with that and your humor is kind of similar

  6. Cameron Paul

    Cameron PaulPrije 3 mjeseci

    Can you do a update on apex if u play it because the maps are better mpore character and so much more so can u plz?

  7. ThePacific

    ThePacificPrije 2 dana

    you forgot the part that all ranged enemies are infinite dodge and dex so he just dashes to the next unreachable point.

  8. Shneedr

    ShneedrPrije 3 dana

    Did no one notice that when he’s on the tower the bow is the wrong way round?

  9. Mid Night

    Mid NightPrije 4 dana

    "Quest failed"

  10. Unknown

    UnknownPrije 4 dana

    Is anyone gonna point out that in the first scene the bow has the parts inversed

  11. Hakim 69

    Hakim 69Prije 7 dana

    We've all been there and thought to ourselves......f**k the the moral high ground. I am gonna end this idiot

  12. Soviet Maori

    Soviet MaoriPrije 7 dana

    Me when I find the driver of the suzuki swift that cursed my truck to break down

  13. Thunder Thunderstorms

    Thunder ThunderstormsPrije 10 dana

    -1,000,000,000 Karma *Your reputation is now evil* *The world leaders declared war on you*

  14. Jack [Kevin] Bruemmer

    Jack [Kevin] BruemmerPrije 11 dana

    NCR troopers on the wall at camp McCarran be like

  15. Family Larios

    Family LariosPrije 12 dana


  16. Ruth Ramos

    Ruth RamosPrije 15 dana

    He didint finish his tea

  17. Drakilax

    DrakilaxPrije 16 dana

    ToME4 skeleton archers be like

  18. Digitthebot

    DigitthebotPrije 16 dana

    I am the guy with the bow.

  19. MAK3X7

    MAK3X7Prije 16 dana

    why is the bow drawn backwards in the beginning of the video... The straight part is thick and is colored like wood, and the curved body is thin like string. I would think the curve of the bow is wood, and the straight line is thin string for a bow, not vice versa.

  20. xTJFeature

    xTJFeaturePrije 17 dana

    Genshin hilichurls.

  21. WitherLord888

    WitherLord888Prije 18 dana

    Archer really pulled a “I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse on my judgement”

  22. Sebastian Gudiño

    Sebastian GudiñoPrije 18 dana

    I thought the punchline was going to be that he is now a changed man, so he is now a non hostile NPC and you can't kill him

  23. That guy

    That guyPrije 19 dana

    Me in mordhau....

  24. Sadetoru

    SadetoruPrije 19 dana

    Crossbow Hilichurls...

  25. Elijah Price gaming and reacting

    Elijah Price gaming and reactingPrije 19 dana

    This is basically minecraft skeletons when they shoot at you but the closer your get the more faster they shoot but once you reach them and you have they shield they be like little skeletons

  26. Ralof of Riveraood

    Ralof of RiveraoodPrije 24 dana

    Nah the real nuisances are the ones that turn “friendly” and can’t be killed when you get to them

  27. Shaemin Gaming

    Shaemin GamingPrije 24 dana


  28. mellisakuntz

    mellisakuntzPrije 24 dana

    The white knight mains in castle crasher online got me like

  29. julian jostar

    julian jostarPrije 25 dana


  30. TheBlueraid

    TheBlueraidPrije 25 dana

    Turns out they were extremely important side-character and your save file is ruined because of that.

  31. allansolano9

    allansolano9Prije 26 dana

    I'm a changed man Player: as if that will save you

  32. Devin Destroyer

    Devin DestroyerPrije 27 dana

    Me when i see a simp :

  33. pringlepop9000

    pringlepop9000Prije 28 dana

    pretty much…

  34. Wes T

    Wes TPrije 28 dana

    The oast 2 seconds of this video were horrifying.

  35. Alex Frostwalker

    Alex FrostwalkerPrije 29 dana


  36. Hunter

    HunterPrije mjesec

    thats not a bow thats a wob

  37. Le Epic

    Le EpicPrije mjesec

    monty python moment

  38. Gierom guy_does_nothing_productive

    Gierom guy_does_nothing_productivePrije mjesec

    That one tower in breath of the wild

  39. MrMistifine

    MrMistifinePrije mjesec

    This is GTA NPCs after you piss them off

  40. Exodus Ace

    Exodus AcePrije mjesec

    Changed man my ass. The moment you get down there he's gonna start shooting arrows at you...

  41. Drayton Davis

    Drayton DavisPrije mjesec

    There was only one reason he lost he pissed him off

  42. LoganXavierGaming • 22 years ago

    LoganXavierGaming • 22 years agoPrije mjesec

    I was expecting the archer to become a non-hostile npc at the end, and that ending hit me like a freight train

  43. Rick Sanchez

    Rick SanchezPrije mjesec

    Me when I find that fucking sniper guy in fn save the world:

  44. Reginald Copperbottom

    Reginald CopperbottomPrije mjesec


  45. hello there

    hello therePrije mjesec

    That one sniper in lothric Castle be like

  46. Johnathon Lee

    Johnathon LeePrije mjesec

    This is definitely… a moment

  47. Ki Ki

    Ki KiPrije mjesec

    There should be one where a noob see's a high level and is like damn that guy is such a badass then cut to a couple years later and he has a badass character but he's depressed

  48. Ookami

    OokamiPrije mjesec

    “I’m the one with a bow and you’re the one that’s uh a bitch” well he isn’t wrong lol Bow ftw until close range 😭 bitch lol

  49. Zamasu Awaken

    Zamasu AwakenPrije mjesec

    Bruh idk if its a reference to that but this video reminded me that stupid golem in dark souls 3 that was spamming the whole time and when i reached it, it was like oh bro sorry about earlier and i just murdered it out of spite

  50. Tugra Sofuoglu

    Tugra SofuogluPrije mjesec


  51. Starbound Enjoyer

    Starbound EnjoyerPrije mjesec

    0:53 Think Mark, think!

  52. missingindy

    missingindyPrije mjesec

    Remember to always bring a bow or gun on your adventures, my friends!

  53. didier van de gevel

    didier van de gevelPrije mjesec

    very real

  54. Spyrot, La Iguana

    Spyrot, La IguanaPrije mjesec

    This is a Dark Souls refference.

  55. Kirbus The Commenter

    Kirbus The CommenterPrije mjesec

    0:22 Idk if that’s how a bow is supposed to look

  56. K Tyler

    K TylerPrije mjesec

    I felt that in my SOUL

  57. SlipperySurface

    SlipperySurfacePrije mjesec

    *Casually calls guy a “b*tch”*

  58. supanerd reviews

    supanerd reviewsPrije mjesec

    “I’m a changed man…” “DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!”

  59. Alan Taylor

    Alan TaylorPrije mjesec

    Me when I find that sniper who parachuted on top of a building.

  60. Sid Reilly

    Sid ReillyPrije mjesec

    **Gives him some tree branch** "I help anytime."

  61. Opiniononion

    OpiniononionPrije mjesec

    I sense a monty python reference

  62. kailianglf2

    kailianglf2Prije mjesec

    when geralt confronts the retired cat-school witcher:

  63. Christopher Charan

    Christopher CharanPrije mjesec

    Anyone notice the bow string is the bow and the wood frame is the string? This is while he’s shooting arrows, it’s normal when he’s having tea lol. I’ve watched so many times and only just noticed!

  64. SonLion ソンライオン

    SonLion ソンライオンPrije mjesec

    Mordhau in a nutshell.

  65. Cliff Savage

    Cliff SavagePrije mjesec

    Dark Souls Anor Londo PTSD is kicking in

  66. R. K. Love

    R. K. LovePrije mjesec

    Dark Souls ranged enemies >:(

  67. Levi Croker

    Levi CrokerPrije mjesec

    Literally every archer in Secret of Mana. Its an annoying moment when they keep bombarding you with arrows and you can't move because your character keeps auto dodging them

  68. One Flying Boiii

    One Flying BoiiiPrije mjesec

    Dude, That bow ranged enemy holding is drawed wrong, wooden part and string part is in wrong places

  69. Eternal Sentinel

    Eternal SentinelPrije mjesec

    Im glad to see he made the right decision.

  70. Dorime

    DorimePrije mjesec

    Me at 0:55 when my cousin is stunned in a fighting game after he picks the ranged character

  71. x x

    x xPrije mjesec

    single guy: shoots me me: proceeds to cast most powerful spell in the game while riding on the back of a dragon that looks suspiciously like a train while also shouting so loud that it flings most enemies away at mach 10.

  72. Indy Wisniewski

    Indy WisniewskiPrije mjesec

    my brother is so smug and annoying he also acts all nice and formal whenever he wants to be seen as the nice guy.

  73. adventurevinni

    adventurevinni Prije mjesec

    Bruh the bow looks pretty backwards

  74. Timago J

    Timago JPrije mjesec

    Chivalry 2 in a nutshell

  75. william knox

    william knoxPrije mjesec

    Reminds me of those Boomer Knights in Pit of Heresy from D2

  76. Drew Gross

    Drew GrossPrije mjesec

    Getting some serious Omni-man vibes here

  77. Spooky Crew

    Spooky CrewPrije mjesec

    *Mice and Mystics

  78. Christopher Travers

    Christopher TraversPrije mjesec

    *gets shot in the head* ``Tis but a Scratch!``

  79. VeeZeeGaming

    VeeZeeGamingPrije mjesec

    0:48 anyone that argues on the internet

  80. Caleb Ballantyne

    Caleb BallantynePrije mjesec


  81. Lol Lol

    Lol LolPrije mjesec

    0:05 im crying 😂😂😂

  82. SPARTAN- SG68

    SPARTAN- SG68Prije mjesec

    Chivalry 2 lol

  83. Rebecca Garcia

    Rebecca GarciaPrije mjesec

    If you play diablo what’s your role

  84. D Legionnaire

    D LegionnairePrije mjesec


  85. Society of Light

    Society of LightPrije mjesec

    Now if only those arrows were coated with poison...

  86. reaper sans

    reaper sansPrije mjesec

    The ranged person is me in a nutshell

  87. Louie Uwanawich

    Louie UwanawichPrije mjesec

    Lol this animation killed me

  88. meow fancy owo

    meow fancy owoPrije mjesec

    So much ketchup

  89. Inge De Smet

    Inge De SmetPrije mjesec

    i thought he would get arrested for "attacking an inocent man" if you dont understand its because turned friendly and the player charged him

  90. Cormac Kelly

    Cormac KellyPrije mjesec

    you missed the part when a knight comes out of nowhere and just kills you before you kill the archer

  91. RedBunn

    RedBunnPrije mjesec

    When you finally catch that Camping little shit

  92. Mohamed Hisham

    Mohamed HishamPrije mjesec

    I am that ranged enemy

  93. Rikuto Kun

    Rikuto KunPrije mjesec

    Plot twist: it's actually his own blood that's coming out of his hands because the "archer" was a lvl 20 fighter/monk hybrid who specializes in unarmed combat.

  94. lime 1

    lime 1Prije mjesec

    every patches encounter in a nutshell

  95. Mladen

    MladenPrije mjesec

    Think, Bowman, think! How can you possibly defeat a violent man with words?! What will you have after I turn your face into mashed potatoes?!

  96. Matt Levine

    Matt LevinePrije mjesec

    Yeah, getting hit by an enemy that does no damage but still thinks they can fight you is infuriating, but you know what's worse? When they don't do any damage, but still give knockback/hitstun.

  97. Movies Occupied

    Movies OccupiedPrije mjesec

    Its games like horizon zero dawn where taking down archers actually matter

  98. age of salvation

    age of salvationPrije mjesec

  99. frustrated gamer fan

    frustrated gamer fanPrije mjesec


  100. frustrated gamer fan

    frustrated gamer fanPrije mjesec


  101. Frokydafroakie

    FrokydafroakiePrije mjesec

    "You're not even doing damage to me you're just pissing me off" wanderer trader lamas in a nutshell

  102. Xx5L4CK3R KINGxX

    Xx5L4CK3R KINGxXPrije 2 mjeseci

    The last part: THINK archer THINK

  103. Seth rector

    Seth rectorPrije 2 mjeseci

    o-o oh cool blood 0:52


    UNLIMITED MEMESPrije 2 mjeseci

    0:53 why does he look confused that he is getting punched to death, he kept on being very annoying

  105. Jonus Master Builder

    Jonus Master BuilderPrije 2 mjeseci

    0-60 just like that