When You Finish a Game You Fell in Love With

A rollercoaster of emotions, admission free ;~;

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  1. Mob Freelander

    Mob FreelanderPrije 8 sati

    God of war... 😭😭

  2. Joffles

    JofflesPrije 16 sati

    Minecraft: I have no such weakness

  3. Nicko Ginger

    Nicko GingerPrije dan

    Outer wilds

  4. Termin8er2001

    Termin8er2001Prije dan

    Red dead 2

  5. خابرين العلوم هذي

    خابرين العلوم هذيPrije dan

    The game who felt a love with is sikero

  6. Th3FinlD0nut

    Th3FinlD0nutPrije 2 dana

    Me with Titan fall 2

  7. Cycler.X

    Cycler.XPrije 2 dana

    thats me in terraria after getting the zenith

  8. GreenGaming226

    GreenGaming226Prije 2 dana

    0:52 your going to play only a handful of those

  9. john the villager

    john the villager Prije 2 dana

    rdr2 in a nutshell

  10. Mr. J

    Mr. JPrije 2 dana

    I can't really tell how much I played Resident Evil 4

  11. Ana Saavedra

    Ana SaavedraPrije 3 dana

    How I actually feel with “Detroit Become Human”

  12. D98M

    D98MPrije 3 dana

    Hollow knight

  13. Niemand niemad

    Niemand niemadPrije 3 dana

    *laughs in minecraft*

  14. Antonis Tsirimiagos

    Antonis TsirimiagosPrije 3 dana


  15. Wesley Funston

    Wesley FunstonPrije 4 dana

    So true........................

  16. JammerDude07

    JammerDude07Prije 4 dana

    Red Dead Redemption 2

  17. Abalyon

    AbalyonPrije 4 dana

    Half life

  18. Cat Chap U2b

    Cat Chap U2bPrije 4 dana

    i feel this a lot i finish a series or a game and im like, well now what?

  19. Bro Dameron

    Bro DameronPrije 4 dana

    Did you mean: "Ghost of Tsushima"

  20. Anubischild7

    Anubischild7Prije 4 dana

    Ghost of Tsushima

  21. Jordan Nagel

    Jordan NagelPrije 4 dana

    Me finishing nier automata

  22. cub _gaming417

    cub _gaming417Prije 5 dana

    So many times I met such beauty's and yet the goodbye was always so bitter sweet

  23. XxX_The_Dank_Weeb_XxX

    XxX_The_Dank_Weeb_XxXPrije 5 dana

    That was me finishing Watch_dogs Legion

  24. Montraria

    MontrariaPrije 5 dana

    me after 100%ing walking dead saints and sinners

  25. Commando Soldier

    Commando SoldierPrije 6 dana

    This is me with Subnautica

  26. Oscar Morris

    Oscar MorrisPrije 7 dana

    doom be like:

  27. Vladimir _CG

    Vladimir _CGPrije 7 dana

    me when titanfall2 free

  28. ὄντος

    ὄντοςPrije 8 dana

    What was he playing Xenoblade Chronicles cause that was literally how I felt after going through it.

  29. Ahmet Kürşat Akgün

    Ahmet Kürşat AkgünPrije 8 dana

    Me when I finished Prey

  30. Dragon Hitman

    Dragon HitmanPrije 8 dana

    Dmc5 and ME trilogy feels

  31. enclave here, why isn't your video feed working?

    enclave here, why isn't your video feed working?Prije 8 dana

    Me with fallout new Vegas

  32. Shoddy Peasant

    Shoddy PeasantPrije 9 dana

    I hate it when this happens its like squeezing my heart and poking it with a pencil

  33. Chris Games2009

    Chris Games2009Prije 9 dana

    Mw2 after ghost dies : am I a joke to you?!

  34. Thijs Cuiper

    Thijs CuiperPrije 9 dana

    Dont ask how or why but buy a way out with a friend

  35. Boiscout

    BoiscoutPrije 10 dana

    This how everyone felt at the end of just cause 3 That is why I have thousands of hours on that game and have replayed the story many times

  36. NomeSnack

    NomeSnackPrije 10 dana

    Little nightmares 2 for me

  37. TheThievingBluejay

    TheThievingBluejayPrije 10 dana

    The original Ace Attorney trilogy for me 😔

  38. Andy Oddman

    Andy OddmanPrije 10 dana

    Persona 5

  39. Kike Has Been Taken

    Kike Has Been TakenPrije 11 dana

    What I felt when I finished grimm’s hollow the ending is so sad I nearly cried the ending where you lose in the boss and Timmy dies is very sad

  40. Assassin

    AssassinPrije 11 dana


  41. Assassin

    AssassinPrije 11 dana


  42. Angelo van der Stad

    Angelo van der StadPrije 12 dana

    i feel personaly atacked by that ending

  43. ShadowCube264

    ShadowCube264Prije 12 dana

    Solution: become modder

  44. Gifted Fox

    Gifted FoxPrije 13 dana

    How everyone felt about the Last of Us... then came Last of Us 2 and everyone hated it...

  45. Apex Rex

    Apex RexPrije 13 dana

    Me after outer worlds

  46. Apex Rex

    Apex RexPrije 13 dana

    Then frantically looking for games like it

  47. Kaan

    KaanPrije 13 dana

    I felt like this after replaying all main uncharted games

  48. Mr Noob - مستر نوب

    Mr Noob - مستر نوبPrije 14 dana

    Same feel after beat Omori so good so sad

  49. Marshawott

    MarshawottPrije 14 dana

    Me when I played Spider-Man

  50. No game. Me take throne.

    No game. Me take throne.Prije 14 dana

    Exactly how I felt after finishing Transformers war for cybertron. Curse you Activision for running any chance of a third installment!

  51. Anti- Spiral

    Anti- SpiralPrije 14 dana

    Me with W3 RoC and it's expansion TFT

  52. Big Brain Plays

    Big Brain PlaysPrije 14 dana

    This is why you fall in love with rouge likes.

  53. BlueMartian

    BlueMartianPrije 14 dana

    Once I was done with the borderlands 3 story I was so heart broken because all the experiences with the game just fell flat at that moment. Thats why I cant wait for the next borderland game and Im not talking about that tiny tina game

  54. Poopy McSnoopy

    Poopy McSnoopyPrije 15 dana

    this is how I felt after playing Hellblade

  55. Nejo

    NejoPrije 15 dana

    Fr that moment

  56. Anchovy

    AnchovyPrije 15 dana

    Which game tho?

  57. Andromeda7199

    Andromeda7199Prije 15 dana

    Halo 3

  58. Baker Celis

    Baker CelisPrije 15 dana

    Finishing the Titanfall 2 campaign in a nutshell :C

  59. Autistic Angel

    Autistic AngelPrije 15 dana

    Ddlc players in a nutshell

  60. JasonNation

    JasonNationPrije 15 dana

    Me with the mass effect trilogy. My God those games are God tier

  61. xander rob

    xander robPrije 15 dana

    Ah yes shadow of war

  62. Mega Kricketune

    Mega KricketunePrije 15 dana

    Persona 5 in a nutshell

  63. Master

    MasterPrije 15 dana

    Halo 3 odst...

  64. Light_ Dream

    Light_ DreamPrije 15 dana

    Me playing a Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild:

  65. Luke Dufresne

    Luke DufresnePrije 15 dana

    This was to real...SHUT UP IM NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING!

  66. Griggs58

    Griggs58Prije 15 dana

    The classic “Did I beat the game or did the game beat me?” Happened to me with Persona 4 Golden. Fucking love that game.

  67. The Weebish Weeb

    The Weebish WeebPrije 15 dana

    Me playing Bug Fables. I would do anything to experience that game again for the first time, one of the best RPGs I have played in a long time

  68. abrice

    abricePrije 15 dana

    As soon as i read the title of the video, the ending song of persona 4 started playing in my head...

  69. awesomeperson

    awesomepersonPrije 15 dana

    Me with god of war

  70. moondough 15

    moondough 15Prije 16 dana

    This was me with persona 4/5 and tales of berseria. Just filled with sadness, until I restarted the game of course

  71. CharlesEdwardCheese

    CharlesEdwardCheesePrije 16 dana

    This is just my experience with Persona 5

  72. Reishadowen

    ReishadowenPrije 16 dana

    "You know for a FACT that I'm not gonna play a single one of those!" Ooof, that hurts me. T_T

  73. GGM Good Gaming Michael

    GGM Good Gaming MichaelPrije 16 dana

    This is nothing but the truth. Truly how it feels.

  74. Bhaskar Seram

    Bhaskar SeramPrije 16 dana

    How I felt when Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones ended. Hurt me so bad, I kept replaying it. Must have completed it more than 50 times now and I still haven't had my fill.

  75. Generic

    GenericPrije 16 dana

    When i finished portal 2

  76. Scorpius The Hedgememe

    Scorpius The HedgememePrije 16 dana


  77. Ryder Bourque

    Ryder BourquePrije 16 dana

    This is me with Battle Chef Brigade the first time.

  78. LuzuVlogs Gamer

    LuzuVlogs GamerPrije 17 dana

    RDR 2 ending feels like:

  79. ranixcz

    ranixczPrije 17 dana

    0:50 true :D

  80. Mr. Pooky

    Mr. PookyPrije 17 dana

    0:17 can we appreciate how thicc that boi is

  81. Mason Howard

    Mason HowardPrije 17 dana

    Kaif outro moment

  82. Parade Ice

    Parade IcePrije 17 dana

    Me with terraria

  83. William.E Atkins

    William.E AtkinsPrije 18 dana

    Halo 3

  84. EmmietheKid

    EmmietheKidPrije 18 dana

    Me after playing rdr2

  85. Jordan Broussard

    Jordan BroussardPrije 18 dana

    Me having finished birth by sleep, and failing to save Terra.

  86. KyanbuXM

    KyanbuXMPrije 18 dana

    Me after finishing FFVII Remake.

  87. Diabolical D

    Diabolical DPrije 18 dana

    Hey circle can you link the music it was really good!

  88. RichRacerCrew

    RichRacerCrewPrije 18 dana

    Red Dead 2

  89. JTS- Games

    JTS- GamesPrije 18 dana

    My celeste experience in a nutshell

  90. Sasgo

    SasgoPrije 18 dana

    And then the sequel comes out and it _sucks shit really bad_

  91. CozmicWob

    CozmicWobPrije 18 dana

    Hallow knight, Undertale, Portal 2, Deltarune, Minecraft, terraria

  92. I’m retarted

    I’m retartedPrije 19 dana

    This was me with red dead redemption 2, I cried over the ending

  93. Splashyy

    SplashyyPrije 10 dana

    I didn’t cry (thanks to HRcharts I got spoiled and I didn’t want to) but it was a masterpiece and I enjoyed it

  94. Matthew G

    Matthew GPrije 19 dana

    This is me when I finished hollow knight. I couldn’t live with myself so i tried mods for more playtime, and they worked great. I was easy for me to set up too. I can’t wait for more and I hope it is this easy for other games too :)

  95. UnderageDrinking

    UnderageDrinkingPrije 19 dana

    you play dangerously calling us all out like that.

  96. Crystal LXVIIIl

    Crystal LXVIIIlPrije 19 dana

    This is why i main Minecraft. Never will the fun end

  97. ADC2009

    ADC2009Prije 19 dana

    Me finishing portal 2

  98. Tyn Barrera

    Tyn BarreraPrije 19 dana

    i know that feeling too

  99. MrRakvalen

    MrRakvalenPrije 19 dana

    me after playing botw

  100. Joseph Adachi

    Joseph AdachiPrije 20 dana

    Kimi no kioku reminisces in my head every day

  101. ian nash

    ian nashPrije 20 dana

    Me after completing baldurs gate 2. The betrayal still hurts

  102. Bastion

    BastionPrije 20 dana

    Assassin creed odyssey be like